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Tehran is much cooler


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran


Tehran is really getting cooler and I am writing to you from my desk where the central heating unit is on and I have my warm tops on.  I could not believe that just a couple of weeks ago, we were wondering if it was time to close up the coolers for this year or not, and the next  week we turned the heaters on and now I have put on my woollies and thick socks with such a drastic change in the weather.  I must admit at least the rain is welcomed after such a long hot summer.  With the rain and the increasing volume of traffic and staggering price rises, one wonders how people manage.  Nevertheless it is not all bad and there was some good news recently as we attended two interesting exhibitions with a difference.




The first was an exhibition at the Entezami gallery in Tehran Artists Forum (Khaneh Honarmandan) titled A Portrait of Prague, with photographs of that beautiful city taken by Iranian photographer Madjid Barzegar.  It was sponsored by the Czech embassy in Tehran.

Coincidentally we had been in Prague only a week before, and had met up with our goddaughter Mona who is studying music in Vienna.  We had a short but most wonderful break and I fell in love with the city.


Madjid Barzegar


We were lucky with the weather apart from the first night when it poured with rain.  We did so much walking around and travelled on many of the trams and went all over this gorgeous and charming historical place.  We did many of the usual things the tourists do, as it was the first time there for all of us.  If you have never been there it is a sure must.




The exhibition was quite interesting and well received and there we met some of our friends including our sophisticated and intellectual Czech friends Mr Noha and Mr Ghuric.  Some of the photographs were wonderful and we have a few for you to enjoy.


A few days later we were invited to another exhibition, which was attended by many art lovers despite the autumn rain and atrocious traffic. This exhibition was organized by the Argentinean embassy at the Nikzad Gallery (


Pablo Garcia


This exhibition showed photographs by Pablo Garcia, an adventurous Argentinean who has travelled 68,000 kilometres in all five continents on his bike since 2001 while following his dream project which aims to document the different cultures and their ways of life.  He goes everywhere by bicycle which allows him to be closer to the people he comes across and enables him to "enter the heart of each place, each country and its people".


He says that he wants to "reduce the great distance that exists between dreams and reality".  His travels will not end for another 4 years and you may read more about this easy going traveller at  We met Pablo and the charming Mr. Quinteros at the gallery, and saw the famous bicycle that Pablo has travelled so far on.  Here are some photos for you.



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