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Photos: Seminaries Students Zourkhaneh Competitions in Qom, Iran


Photos by Mohammad Akhlaghi, ISNA

مسابقات زورخانه‌اي طلاب سراسر كشور در قم

Zourkhaneh, literally meaning house of strength, is the Iranian national sport also called varzesh-e pahlavani (sport of heroes) or varzesh-e bastani (sport of ancients) played in an Iranian traditional gymnasium.

Zourkhaneh is not only a place where physical exercises are held but also one where chivalry is learned. The Zourkhaneh sportsman is first expected to be pure, truthful, good-tempered and then physically strong. Zourkhaneh and varzesh-e pahlavani have their roots in Iranian culture and date back at least 2000 years ago.


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