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Open Letter to Obama on Hillary Clinton's nomination as Secretary of State

By Brian H. Appleton


Dear President Elect Barack Obama,


The mystery of madame secretary
By Michael Tomasky, Guardian


Hillary Clinton may be Obama's choice for secretary of state, but how will they reconcile their views on US foreign policy?


Last April, during another debate, Clinton spoke of a "nuclear umbrella" over the entire Middle East and used the phrase "massive retaliation" to describe a possible US response toward Iran should it take any aggressive action against Israel.


"Massive retaliation" is widely and historically understood to mean nukes, and those who use the phrase have been widely and historically understood to be those who believe that a limited nuclear war is winnable

I am deeply opposed to your nomination of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  During her bid against you for the Presidency she declared that if she became President "we will attack Iran" and "if Iran attacks Israel, we will obliterate Iran."


Anyone capable of this kind of inflammatory hate and war rhetoric is not fit to be the highest diplomat in the land.


Check the record. Iran has attacked no other nation in over 300 years. The USA has attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel has attacked Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine repeatedly. Iran is a member of the NPT and has no plans to make nuclear weapons as has been corroborated both by the NIE report and numerous investigations by the IAEA.


You have accepted as true the contention that they plan to make nuclear weapons and also that they are supporting terrorism worldwide and in Iraq, when there is no proof of that either. I find your positions on these issues very disappointing.


What is true is that rural and urban areas of Iran experience blackouts daily at noon to conserve power for the night time hours and they need increased generating capacity. What is true is that Iran has the right to enrich uranium for domestic use in generating electricity per the terms of the NPT. If Iran were to give up this right it would also be yielding its national sovereignty which in fact is what the policy of the USA has always and continues to be towards Iran. Iran is persona non grata because it insists on its sovereignty and it fought a revolution to change its vassal state status and be rid of the US puppet Pahlavi dynasty and let us not forget that.


Any negotiation with Iran must respect its national sovereignty. The Bush administration got Congressional approval to dedicate billion dollars towards covert activity to overthrow the government of Iran. This is basically an act of War. The IRI may not be the ideal form of government for the Iranian people or for US "special interests" i.e. petroleum lobby, however change and moderation must come from within not from without and will never be achieved as long as American foreign policy towards Iran does not serve to benefit the great majority of the Iranian people. The days of dealing exclusively with elite minorities in "third world countries," who serve US "special interests" must end if we are to have peace.




Brian H. Appleton

Friend of the Iranian People


About: Brian H. Appleton is the author of Tales From the Zirzameen.


Tales From the Zirzameen: The story of an American falling in love with Iran


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