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"Drugs" are something like "guns"

By Debbie Menon


Debbie Menon

The passionate Dr. Aaidh al-Qarni generalizes too broadly when he writes about drugs The Proficient Killer  to be really meaningful, although he does correctly identify drugs as a serious social problem threatening our youth.


"Drugs" are something like "guns," a visible and easily identifiable commodity to blame for all the deaths and destruction which result from their use... but it is not the drugs or the guns, in themselves, which are the underlying causal factors of the damage.  They are simply the vehicles by which the damage is affected, in the same manner in which automobiles are the vehicles of the massive slaughter on the highways, yet, no one has suggested we ban automobiles.


Well...  even if anyone has, no one paid much attention as with the drugs and guns....


It is abuse of drugs and misuse of guns which create the damage and havoc which shocks and offends so many people who are either too ignorant or too lazy, to figure out what the problem is... it is people like themselves who look for simple one-size-fits-all solutions, and there just ain't any to the guns and drugs problem.


Improper users of guns and those who make drugs available to be abused without care or concerns for the users, should be dealt with severely.  I am not sure that they merit execution, as are drug distributors and violent criminals in many places, but, yes, special mention and attention should be paid to the involvement or use

of drugs and guns in their crimes against society.


If both were legalized, or decriminalized, it would lend some degree of control over their use, not sufficient to eliminate abuse and misuse, surely, but the fact of availability would eliminate in large part the illicit market for both by reducing the enormous profits in both illicit drugs and weapons sales.  This in itself would reduce the ready availability of both to the abusers and misusers. 


It is a better solution than what we do now, which encourages the market for both by driving profits to obscene levels.


The doctor is correct when he identifies enforcement as a problem in controlling both of these problems.  Enforcement agencies must be very careful though, that they do not become too efficient, and kill the geese which lay their golden eggs, and destroy their own raison d'Ítre!


If there were no illicit drug and weapons dealers, they would have to go out and create some... which they are not unknown to have done in many cases already.  It is always easier, and a hellova lot wiser, for the enforcers to shoot down a few clay pigeons which they have launched themselves rather than to kill a real one who provides them with a basis for an ever increasing budget and an ever growing bureaucratic empire each year.


If the Illicit Drug Industry is the second largest industry in the world, the Anti-Drug Industry, or DEA, is the next largest.  I sometimes find it difficult to distinguish where one ends and the other begins.


Actually, the problems are not as simple as I make the sound here in a few hundred words or less... books could be written, and have been, which neither encompass the problem nor address the possible solutions.


Guns and drugs are the two most prolific and profitable industries in the world, and as long as we operate under the same rules of capitalist endeavor, and materialism which we have been for so many centuries, nothing we can do will change the system or the situation.


Learn to live with both, Doctor Aaidh; teach your children how to evade, avoid or deal with the problems if, when and to the degree which they may enter their lives.  Raise your children to take control of their own lives, and to not live by the default judgment or leadership of others.


I am happy that my children learned to shoot, taste wine, and some other mild stimulants as they grew up, yet none of them became drug addicts, dealers, gun nuts or killers.  They have also learned to drive automobiles intelligently and, so far, have killed or maimed no one by that method, either.


About the author:
Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She can be reached at

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