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Tehran Municipality to pay off debts of 2000 female prisoners


TEHRAN,Oct.5 (Mehr News Agency) -- A bill approved recently by the Tehran City Council authorizes Tehran's Municipality to pay off debts of about 2000 female prisoners.

Based on the bill, Tehran Municipality with the assistance of Tehran Prisoners Supporting Organization is obliged to allocate a budget of 10 billion rials (about $1.01 million) for releasing female prisoners in a period of one month.

The bill approved in a bid to support foundation of the families, prevent an increase in number of delinquent women, and separate first-time offenders from the habitual criminals.

Women heads of family, married women having children, married women without children, and girls who has not committed moral and security crimes as well as those who have not been imprisoned for drug smuggling are among the members to be released respectively based on the bill.

Release of women who have committed unpremeditated crimes and those who were convicted of financial debts are also included in the bill.

The municipality will provide facilities for the prisoners whose debt doses not exceed 10 million rials (about $1,015).

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