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The Professionals have done it again

By Debbie Menon


Debbie Menon

Asian stock markets plunged Monday as investors took scant comfort from Washington's passage of a $700 billion bank bailout and focused instead on deepening financial turmoil in Europe that threatens to slow global growth.

Is this the beginning of the end?  Is this what the death of America is going to be like?  Just suddenly, and hardly noticeably, not relevant anymore?   Gone with a gasp and a whimper?

I shall leave all the intricacies of the intrigues and plots between foes and gloaters to the pundits who revel in such, and reflect simply that the professionals have done it again, they shall pull clear with multiple millions, yes, billions of loot, and in time be back at the trough to run the game again. What has changed? The same people who usually pay for this kind of chicanery are being set up to pay for it again, and the regular winners shall win, the regular losers shall lose. The Rich will get richer and the poor poorer. If I sound cynical, it may be because the world is managed in such a way that any accurate view of it leaves one with a cynical outlook. Reality has never promised us a rose garden and, although that may be what the cover on the book implies, that is not what it says in the text or the fine print. All the rhetoric and analysis in the world is not going to make the bite any lighter, nor will a "bailout" ease the burdens of those who lost. It will simply make the Middle-class American taxpayer poorer. In the confusion and smoke, which will be well-fanned, blown and distributed, there will be some fast gleaners who will dash in here and there and glean skim profit wherever they see opportunities. It is a game where the stalkers, the carrion birds and the jackals always win, victims, however fleet footed and alert, always lose. There is little to be learned from watching the vultures soar in circles which we have not learned before, except that history repeats and fools recycle history.


I received this email from a friend today... "I've lost my pants! Losing over a million dirhams in less than a week was not my idea of a cautious investment. But then I guess there are no guarantees in life and we must live on.  In hindsight all that hard earned money appears to have been a mirage.........."


My response to him sums it up...


Sorry about your loss friend!  I really mean it.   We are systematically being fleeced by the Capitalist systems. Like cream rising to the top of the milk and butter being produced from the further refinement of the cream, there is a mass - "class separation" happening through the elitist game of "Free Trade, and Globalization". 


Depending on where you are in the food chain; If you are an Elitist God you have already made the rules and have been enjoying the ride without having to do anything other than tweak the mechanism over time to insure the flow of wealth continues at an ever increasing pace. As a producer, you have climbed on the band wagon and abandoned your fellow man in the interest of return on investment over ANY humanitarian concern. You are a certified member of the collective.  You've lost any sense of conscience in your undying support of the task of  "Maximizing returns", and you are driven by the Carrots of equity interest and financial bonus options & incentives to perform selflessly in the interest of boosting company stock value. Money is God - thou shalt worship no false God's, and you shall return all God's profits to where it was printed - the Global Reserve "Fiat Currency" Banks!  


If you are a consumer (pawn), you work at the lower echelon and feed the beast through your talent and commitment to achieving the "Dream" home ownership, love, family, and status with your peers through possession of toys and other "Bling" that create the impression of financial success in others eyes. Once again - Money is the force that drives the consumer, but in this sense it's the "Look" of financial superiority that is the key driving factor. That new Car, Boat, Vacation Home, Fancy Designer Clothes, the Platinum Card in your wallet, Botox treatments, all are instrumental in getting you to the top of your CONSUMER class of Crow's lurching for sparkly's.


The "Biggie" we are seeing at the moment in the U.S. financial markets is a result of the mid-level "Producer's" getting a little too creative and reaching for more than their fair share of the chips in commissions that would normally be pushed up to the top floor.


The "Mid-level" financial markets over the past 50 years have been too quick to design means of circumventing the full amount of profits sent to heaven, and have attempted to keep more for themselves. It's not nice to try and fool the "In God We Trust" machine!  You little financial broker Wal-Mart wannabe's reach for the gold and off comes your arm! , and what "Right-minded" Elitist God  wants to allow a bunch of Nomadic Desert Dwellers who just happen to be sitting on an important piece in the puzzle, attempting to keep the crown Jewels for themselves and their stinking Camels? It's just not Cricket!


The Social struggles are really only social classes struggling under the thumb of the "Gate-keeper's". These regular consumers are only jockeying for position within America and other "Free Enterprise" serf societies to hopefully make sure that they stay out of the "worthless eater" category destined for elimination (recycling), and can remain to be seen to be producing some wealth results to the great Reserve Bank in the Sky to

pay for their continued existence.


So if you're an African, a Middle Easterner, a South American, or an Indonesian, and you're sitting on a lot of potential wealth in resources (mining, Oil & Gas Production, Timber, Water, or other sparkly) valuable items essential for survival, and don't send the loot to the top - WHO NEEDS YOU? You are destined for extinction.


It's an important part of the recipe in growing Mushroom's that you keep them in the dark! So Shhhhsssshhhhhh! Don't tell anybody about this!!


So ends today's sermon....

About the author:
Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She can be reached at

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