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By Darius KADIVAR 


Universal Pictures Chooses Richard Regen's spec script "Tehran" for Brian Grazer to produce through Imagine Entertainment


©imdb & Universal Pictures & Imagine Entertainment & pictory photocomposition ©DK (*)

It seems that the International and box office success of Marjane Satrapi's animated movie "Persepolis" has generated Hollywood interest in the Iranian Revolution of 1979. A Revolution that toppled the Last Persian Monarch Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi and brought to power a virtually unknown Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeiny and thus turning Iranian society overnight from a Western friendly nation to that of a fundamentalist Islamic country hostile to all Western Values and that led to the American Embassy take over that lasted 444 days and ultimately caused to downfall of the American administration of Democrat President Jimmy Carter.


Indeed after George Clooney's Production Company Smoke House announced that it had acquired the rights to Joshuah Bearman's Wired magazine article for a screen adaptation for Warner Bros® to be developed by Clooney's partner Grant Heslov ( Read George Clooney's Great Escape) another movie project is currently being developed by another Hollywood Studio, Universal Pictures, under the working title "Tehran". If Clooney may well direct and act in Heslov's script treatment of Bearman's story, it seems that on the other hand that another iconic Hollywood director/producer collaboration may well take the helm of this new project, that of Ron Howard/ Brian Grazer, through their joint venture: Imagine Entertainment

"Tehran" is a political drama script acquired by Universal. Set in 1977, the drama centers on an American professor contracted by the federal government to observe tensions in pre-coup Tehran. He realizes that Iran is rife with political danger and his viewpoint is backed up, when he falls in love with an Iranian girl whose brother is a member of the secret police.


The Cast and Crew are still not known, but one can imagine that with the thriving Iranian film community in Hollywood including the arrival of Iranian colleagues and talents from Iran (like Golshifteh Farahani in Ridley Scott's "Body of Lies" ) that this new film is likely to draw many candidacies, but also a predictable protest from Iranian authorities as was the case for Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis.   

Regen's script appeared on the blacklist, a compilation of the 10 favorite scripts of film execs and assistants penned in 2007. List also included the scripts of the much expected WWII epic  "Valkyrie", (starring Tom Cruise and Produced by United Artists), "Clash of the Titans" a remake of the classic Fantasy imagined by Ray Harryhausen  and the apocalyptic tale  "The Road." Based on a novel by Cormac McCarthy.


Regen, who created UPN's TV series "Secret Agent Man," also penned the Weinstein Co.'s espionage thriller "Panic." Imagine is lensing the "Da Vinci Code" sequel "Angels & Demons" for Columbia, and is prepping the Robin Hood tale "Nottingham" for Universal to be directed by Ridley Scott ( Body of Lies)and Russel Crowe.


Producer Brian Grazer and director Ron Howard have teamed up several times on Box Office Success' like the Da Vinci Code and the Cinderella Man as well as the critically acclaimed film A Beautiful Mind that earned them an Oscar each for Best director and Best Picture out of the total four it won in 2002 ©imdb & Oscar ® photocomposition ©DK

The film is due for a release in 2010 but we will certainly hear more about this project in the months to come, So Stay Tuned !



Authors Notes:

(*) The photocomposition is Not the official poster of the movie "Tehran" but a free interpretation to illustrate the themes that are dealt in Richard Regen's spec script. The actors of Iranian American heritage: Sarah Shahi and Adrian Pasdar, are not officially linked to this project either (But I do hope nevertheless that this will convince the future directors and producers of suggesting it to them).


Official Website of Imagine Entertainment

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About the Author: Darius KADIVAR is a Freelance Journalist, Film Historian, and Media Consultant. He is also contributes to OCPC Magazine in LA/US and to the London Based IC Publications The Middle East Magazine and Persian Heritage Magazine.

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