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Iran: Home of women's rights activists Searched and Property Seized


Change for Equality: The home of Parastoo Alahyaari, a member of the Campaign was searched on Saturday October 18, 2008, and her laptop, CDs, books, picture albums and Campaign materials in her possession were seized. On October 18, two security officers from the Gisha Police station went to the home of Parastoo Alahyaari, a member of the Volunteer Committee of the Campaign in Tehran, to search her home and seize property, while asking about the whereabouts of this women's rights activist, who at the time was at her office. Upon receiving a phone call from her mother, Parastoo returned home, where she was presented with a summons to appear in court immediately. The security officials escorted Parastoo Alahyaari to the Revolutionary Courts, where she was interrogated by Mr. Sobhani the investigative judge in charge of her case.

Because Parastoo had a business trip planned for that same day, she was released. She is expected to turn herself in to the courts for more interrogation upon her return to Iran.

On Friday October 17, 2008 Parastoo along with other members of the Volunteers Committee, was in Laleh Park, when the group was approached by police and security officials who asked them to disperse. Prior to allowing these women's rights activists to leave the Park, Parastoo and another member of the Volunteers Committee were asked to submit identification cards to the Police, simply because one of the volunteers asked why they were being ordered to disperse.

Security officials have repeatedly gone to the homes of members of the Volunteer Committee of the Campaign, to break up their meeting, including on several occasions to the home of Parastoo Alahyaari. These women's rights activists have been repeatedly told by security officials to refrain from holding meetings in their homes. Because Campaign activists have been systematically denied public space in the form of conference halls and office space to convene their meetings, they are forced to hold meetings in their homes. On Friday, these volunteers decided to meet in Laleh Park, which is a public park and the location where many friendship groups usually gather for discussions.

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