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Former Revolutionary Court Interrogator Convicted in California


Source: Iran Times

A former interrogator for Tehran's Revolutionary Court has lost his U.S. citizenship and been sentenced to nearly three years in prison after being convicted of a laundry list of offenses.

          Seyed Mahmood Mousavi, 49, of Diamond Bar-located in Los Angeles-was convicted last spring of six felony counts-illegally obtaining U.S. citizenship, lying to federal investigators, filing false tax returns, impeding the administration of a tax and two counts of violating the U.S. trade embargo.

He could have gone to prison for 61 years.  He was sentenced Tuesday to 33 months in prison, fined $12,500 and had his U.S. citizenship revoked.

According to prosecutors, the case dates back to 2002, when Mousavi contracted with Al-Mal Kuwait Co. to provide consulting services in support of the company's bid for a mobile communication license in Iran and to establish a bank and leasing company there.  Both activities are prohibited by the U.S. trade embargo against Iran, Thom Mrozek of the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

          In addition to violating the trade embargo, Mousavi made more than $45,000 that year, but failed to report it on his 2002 federal tax return.  In 2003 and 2004, Mousavi earned $500,000 from his caravan travel business, but again failed to report it on his personal or business tax returns, Mrozek said.

          Mousavi was also found guilty of lying to U.S immigration officials in 1998 because he withheld the fact that he had served in the Iranian military and also failed to inform authorities that he was a member of numerous organizations in Iran, including serving as an interrogator in the Tehran Revolutionary Court.

          U.S. Assistant Attorney Susan J. DeWitt, who prosecuted the case, said the revocation of citizenship is expected to be appealed by Mousavi.        

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