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Energy Wastage In Iran Equals 6-7 Billion Dallars Per Year


Tehran, Oct 29, IRNA - Energy wastage in Iran amounts to six or seven billion dollars, which can cover the expenses for establishing a gas refinery, said managing director of Gas Consumption Optimization Company.

Speaking at a specialized seminar on sealed insulated glass or double glazed windows on Wednesday, Abbas Kazemi added that Article 19 of Buildings National Regulations dealing with saving energy in buildings which was ratified in 1991 has not yet been implemented.

Nobody can be guilty of not observing the regulation since no mechanism for its implementation has been drawn up.

Iran recycles 28 percent of its used oil and gas whereas the figure for certain countries stands at 60 percent, he said.

Kazemi warned that the energy consumption in the country is extraordinarily higher than international standards.

Currently 30 double-glazed windows and fiberglass manufacturing companies in the country are competing to attract customers for their products, he said.

Kazemi also said that oil price is projected to decline more than the current level.

Therefore, preserving the reserves is of greater significance, he concluded.

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