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Iranian women play social and economic roles, but no change in home duties


TEHRAN, Sept.15 (Mehr News Agency) -- Women's contribution to social and economic activities does not necessarily lead to any changes in their home duties, result of a new study by a faculty member of Allameh Tabatabaii University showed.

Conducted by Zohreh Khosravi under the theme of "studying family problems", the research clarified that women, regardless of their social status, working hours, and income rate should do their home duties by themselves.

"Today, women's employment has changed their viewpoint on sharing home chores and managing the family's economy", the report added.

Half of the women studied in the research believe in sharing responsibilities. And a great percentage of them spend their total income for everyday family expenses.

The research showed that although women, who are employed, enjoy a viewpoint on sharing home responsibilities, their husbands think and act traditionally.

Looking for part-time jobs is women's due reaction to cope with their husband's traditional viewpoints.

Not sharing the home chores leads to women passing over for special promotion, the research said.

Those, whose husbands act traditionally in home duties, are obliged to play the role of a "superwoman" to resolve their contradictions in handling all tasks. Such women have become increasingly frustrated with their life.

According to the research, contradictions, obligations, variety of roles and deprecating women's traditional roles are among the main causes of stress and anxiety in employed women.

It also proved that although a great percentage of women are not satisfied with their income rate, they have a dramatically high job satisfaction.

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