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Paradise & Hell :  18th Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Paradise Art Center  (August 2008)


Report  by Ahmad Nadalian, RiverArt


In the past two months many young artists from different parts of Iran contacted me and wished to be part of new environmental art events.  Environmental art is the art of the future.  We can learn how to behave with nature. I wish in the future we could have one environmental art event per day. 


After a call by Mahe- Mehr cultural and artistic institution, I organize this event and respond to this essential need of our society. 


During the August 2008 more than 150 artists from different parts of Iran traveled to Paradise Art Center and participated in our new environmental festival in nature and realize a collaborative project.   This festival focuses on the story of creation, mother goddess, paradise and hell.


The mystics in Iran simply interpreted paradise and angels as being the good deeds of man.  Hell and demon is symbolized our bad behavior. 


In our paradise the story began when we mix earth with water which is the essential source of life. 



Mother earth ...





We enjoy to be in paradise


beside angels ...



There were other creatures too       





We excluded from paradise



Fire of hell purified our bad deeds ...



Our Evil








Now we are one with nature. 




One of the groups of artists in Paradise garden


A German artist, Signe Maehler who is photographer joined our festival  and documented our event.


see more photos on RiverArt's web site.

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