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WHAT WENT WRONG IN OUR NAME? It's the Economy, Stupid!

By David Rahni, New York


Has the Nation truly realized the disaster inflicted by our government's incompetence, at best, if not a malicious accomplice, elected by our so called votes, which was and still is apparently in collusion with the huge non-American multi-, and transnational business conglomerates under the banner of globalizations?


The government has in essence funneled our middle class current and future tax monies to these shrewd mega-corporations in the form of tax breaks, financial subsidies, environmental degradation and legal deregulation, overseas outsourcing, unethical business misconduct, corporate welfare, bailout and bankruptcy protection.  Although only ludicrous excuses have been offered, the political kingpins and business lynchpins must have known this coming, but instead they opted not to proactively steer the "economic" ship in time to avoid striking the iceberg.


When personal bankruptcy is next to impossible to obtain, why would callously bankrupt corporations be rewarded by our tax based bailout, for the miseries they inflict upon us, as was once the general practice in then failing communist countries? And when all this was happening, where were the ethically inclined investigative business journalists to report on it, especially since the late 90's when the corporate deregulation was enacted? And who would be the J.P. Morgan savior of the early 21st century to save us from such catastrophe as he did back in 1907? 


Needless to ask, who are the prosecutable criminals? When a minor speeding or parking traffic violation is rightly dealt severely with surveillance and heavy fines, where is the logic of allowing megalomaniacal corporations steal and waste people's sweat and blood money? What actions must we as a nation take, if any, so as to protect ourselves from such capricious violations of our legal rights and our loss of capital, retirement funds, real estate and savings? Who is to be held accountable for the trillions of dollars that were lost, topped with our lingering unilateral wars of adventurism, which we and future generations, having had nothing to do with it, now are seemingly held responsible to pay for it? What has happened to the noble American dream of a sustained middle class for its hard working, now eroding at a much faster pace than ever? And as we so rightly question the lack of ethical conduct driven by corporate greed and government lack of oversight and regulation, how about the need for the individual to embrace a code of ethical and moral conduct, devoid of greed, so as to live within his or her own means?


And last but not least, alas, a truly fundamental political reform, that has embedded in it the empowerment and sustaining of quality of life for all Americans based on our overarching national values, that supersede the rhetorical bipartisan bickering driven by corporate greed and paybacks, is due NOW.


About the author: The author ( is professor of chemistry and dermatology (adj.) at Pace University and New York Medical College, respectively.

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