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An Interview with Nasrin Sotoudeh: The prize winner from International Committee of Human Rights Italy


Source: Feminist School, Iran (translated by : Karineh Kanants)

Feminist School: Nasrin Sotoudeh a well known activist in women's movement and a brave lawyer for most of the women's movement activists, well before she became well known for her activities in human rights for children and in particular against the hanging of children under the age of 18, and women's movement in particular the campaign for one million signatures Nasrin Sotoudeh was a journalist very well known and also an expert adviser on international human rights which she studied at Beheshti university.

Nasrin Sotoudeh: The Ardent, Passionate and Dedicated Attorney at Law

Feminist School:
Mrs Sotoudeh now that you have accepted to speak and be interviewed on the Human Right prize, could you please elaborate?

Nasrin Sotoudeh: This prize is from the international committee of human rights in Italy that is an NGO and which I have to say; this is the first prize from this organisation.

This international organisation's decision was at the same time of the creation of "world museum for women" in the northern Italy in the city of Mirano, had decided on present a prize for Human Rights activists.

FS: In the past prizes have been presented to Human Rights activists and in particular to Iranian Women's Movement how do you see the effects of these prize's on the women movement?

NS: All in all these prizes brings all of us closer and is the basis for solidarity in the world which shows that the human race is one family and also it is natural that the effects would be more cooperation and solidarity in the family and hence we would benefit in expanding human rights in Iran.

FS: The committee which nominated and presented the prize to you also has placed this event on their web site which by the way coincided with the same time as you and Mansoureh Shojai called to be present at the revolutionary court in connection to your travel to Dubai last year, do you believe the authorities will show any reaction to the prize?

NS: Until now I have not received any reaction but I hope that the Iranian authorities tries to see itself as part of the big family the same as other governments which have shown in action to be members of the big society and hence by accepting to be members in fact they are accepting their responsibilities in upholding human rights and I hope the Iranian government will do the same.

FS: As you have been active in human rights for children and also on women's movement. Which part do you think has brought about the prize?

NS: In my opinion women's rights in the world has mores importance even though rights of the children is equally important, but I think women issues and with the activities of all the activists within the Iranian women's movement has brought about a lot of attention.

FS: When is the official date and where would you receive the prize?

NS: The event will take place at 10th of December 2008 which is the same day as the official day of human rights; this event will take place in the city of Mirano which I will be attending.

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