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ANCIENT IRAN: A pictorial history for young readers ages 8 and up


Discover the great civilizations of the Iranian plateau - from the"Burnt City"in Sistan & Baluchistan in eastern Iran (3000 BC) to the splendors of the Sasanian court in the city of Cteisphon in the 7th century.

Culture of Iran Youth Series
ISBN 978-0-9809714-0-8
Hardcover, 72 pages, 8.77 X 11.18
$19.95 US $20.95 CDN

Massoume Price, Canadian based social anthropologist, author of Iran's Diverse Peoples has released a new book which aims to educate young readers about the cultural history of one of today's most contentious and mysterious world powers. Spanning a 5,500-year period, Ancient Iran is the first book to document the ancient civilizations of the Iranian plateau in a pictorial format for young readers. Through a visually stimulating collection of over 260 high quality images of museum objects and accessible writing, young readers will gain insight into the life, beliefs and cultural practices of the ancient Iranians and their contribution to the civilizations of antiquity. The publisher believes this book comes at a key time - when today's youth are growing up in a world where Iran's cultural and political practices are continually questioned on the world stage. Understanding Iranian cultural history has become more valuable than ever before. This book will also be of particular interest to second- and third-generation Iranians in various continents who wish to educate their children about the cultural history of their ancestors.

Educated in both Iran and England, Massoume Price has written extensively on many aspects of Iranian culture. Her book Iran's Diverse Peoples (2005); was called by "Middle East Quarterly "a must read for anyone who wants to understand the ethnic and religious diversity in Iran". Her website - - is used widely as an on-line reference source. For additional information about this publication, or to order the book, visit

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