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Meeting of Eastern-Western Medicine: A Possible Alternative Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

By Roya Monajem, Tehran


A Possible Alternative Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Since a year ago when I resumed my research on the therapy I have found for the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with the fascinating I-Health System, a system I had dreamt about when first starting to study Alternative Medicine about two decades ago, some of my other pressing questions in regard to various Eastern-Western medical systems and approaches were accidentally also verified. 

It happened that after I gave up studying western medicine for various reasons and took up eastern medicine, particularly Traditional Chinese and Persian herbal medicine, and started to practice in a research oriented way trying to develop a holistic view by relating western and eastern medical knowledge, paying a great attention not to fall into the trap of: "everything is matter" nor the seemingly opposite trap of: "everything is mind,"  the ambitious self in me aimed at the so-called incurable diseases, particularly Multiple Sclerosis dreaming to find an effective treatment for them.[1]


Now two decades later, with the charts, figures, scans and other scientific evidences that I-Health System � a technologically advanced medical machine- can provide, it seems the therapy I found after 20 years of working with the people suffering from this mysterious disease can really help.[2] 10 years ago when I decided to take the venture and see in practice whether my speculations �based on ten years of close observation[3] - about the cause of MS is correct or not, which meant if it were, the treatment I had thought out should also work, it was like groping in dark.


Yet, in addition to obvious improvements that one could observe in two groups of volunteers (about 40 in number) and their own reports, plus the findings of an assistant physiotherapist who evaluated their locomotion function throughout the course of five-weeks treatment, the MRIs of a few of them showed a decrease and even disappearance of previous lesions. Despite the positive promising results, the fact that MRI can seriously interfere with this method of treatment, I did not continue the research.[4] At that time MRI was - and for all the prejudiced physicians and people who because of their disbelief in alternative medicine, they can deny even what advanced medical technological machines provide - still is the only available 'scientific proof,' but the question was whether it was fair to use a 'harmful' tool on a group of individuals large enough to satisfy scientific requirements and statistics, so that many others may profit later?


Another 10 years passed and by mere chance the package of I-Health System was put in front of me. How incredible! First of all, because people (both doctors and patients) now trust machines more than their own inner feelings, observations and faculty of reason, it is beautiful that this is one of the things that this machine does all along the course of treatment. In other words, it is like getting the results of diagnostic tests and whether the treatment used is working or not at the same time. This can really help to enable patients to break the taboo of 'incurability' of their disease, as well as the vicious circle of depression-lack of motivation and hope-aggravation of symptoms-depression� Second of all, unlike MRI, it is harmless. Thirdly, the light pen of this system seems to be far more effective than simple needling and electronic acupuncture.[5]


The second speculation that working with I-Health system proved to be a near to truth speculation was based on a long term observation of all those (including participants of my workshops, relatives, friends, 'patients' and myself) who seriously follow different schools of yoga and meditation. There is something puzzling about them. It is as though behind that mask of "everything is fine, life is beautiful" � to be a bit sarcastic � one senses a more or less similar 'dissatisfaction' and 'discontent' that one sees in 'ordinary' people, and by the latter I mean people who do not practice these long proven systems of 'well-being.'


Admitting that this may be an inborn human existential 'discontent', added to an automatic expectation that one has of such people, i.e. to be much more at ease with themselves and their life-situations, but as I-Heath charts and figures show in regard to a dozen of such long term yoga and meditation practitioners, it seems that the underlying cause of the above mentioned 'mask' is that they suppress their emotions. Although their energy centers or 'chakras', 'acupuncture energy meridians' and their 'biochemistry' (the three measurements that I-Health Machine can measure) appear sound and healthy, the part that reveals one's emotions, speaks of the presence of highly suppressed emotions, in regard to past and the future. While on one hand, there is no doubt that these traditional systems of well-being do create a calm space in their practitioners, as the result of which they are in deed more "in control" which in turn gives them the ability to avoid creating new emotional stresses (if you don't get angry because of other's bad driving, you do not end up finding yourself entangled in a fight with one of them!), but the question is what then happens to those effective cleansing and breathing methods these systems usually use? The obvious answer, most probably is that they help their practitioners to stay generally healthy instead of developing a life-threatening disease which a disturbed emotional life usually leads to! That is indeed beautiful, isn't it? And the serious followers of these systems can solve the above short-coming (suppressed emotions) by using the western psychiatric method called catharsis (or emotional discharge, to a large extent covered in Rajnish's Dynamic Meditation or Monajem's Joyous Existence).[6]


Another very interesting and instructive program (software) of this I-Health System which is called 'Core Belief,' helps one to find access to a traumatic childhood experience which is the source of a cluster of negative self-believes.


As an individual who has been striving for self-knowledge ever since I remember, I have tried and observed very many different techniques and systems in this regard. When I first was introduced to this program, I thought: Wow! What a claim! But let's see. Starting with myself, I tried it with my daughter-assistant and many other close relatives, friends and patients with whose life histories (including traumatic childhood memories) I was familiar. My goodness, it seems to be really effective. Within a period as short as say 30-45 minutes, the machine can show which energy center is most blocked by a traumatic childhood experience and what are the negative self-believes it has led to and with the help of that 'magical light pen' not only they are sort of washed away, but replaced by corresponding positive believes. The overall result of about 30 people who experienced Core Belief can be summarized in: having a much better self-confidence, as though being healed of a long souring wound.


Without the electroacupuncture machine (a Western medical creation) I could not discover the leakage in the people suffering from MS. The therapy is based on eastern knowledge of human energy systems (chakras and meridians). More or less the same can be said about I-Health System. From diagnostic point of view this system uses Western Medical and Technological Knowledge. From therapeutic point of view, it is using Eastern Medical Knowledge in general and Chinese in particular, plus using light rays[7]  instead of needles and electronic stimulation.


In people who are either tired of trying western medicine in vain and those who believe in alternative medicine, it is far more effective than ordinary acupuncture needling or electronic technique. In addition, the fact that the practitioner needs to spend at least 45 minutes with each client, it can increase the healing effect if carried out with full attention and compassion. But perhaps not equally economical for those 'well-known' or 'in-greater-need' busy physicians (whether practicing allopathic or alternative medicine) who spend as little time as possible with each patient.


Six months have passed since I resumed the MS therapy research, with all patients treated continuing to improve as the follow ups show. Medical experts might rightly say that the results may mean nothing, as spontaneous remission is a common characteristic of this mysterious disease, even though one can not understand why they do not say the same thing in regard to chemical drugs! Why the patients (whose number has not usually been high) showing improvement after using the chemical claimed to be 'remedy' every now and then in the past twenty years, have not been described as going through the usual remission? Unfortunately, the present vogue of putting patients under a mild chemotherapy, as I-Health charts and other data show a considerable depletion in their vital energy. The aim of this treatment (practiced since six or seven years ago) is to prevent further attacks or progression of the disease by suppressing the immune system. But what actually happens is that by producing such a drastic fall in vital energy of the body, the patients are more or less completely deprived of the chance of spontaneous remission. It reminds a Persian proverb which says: falling into the caldron, out of the fear of (getting burnt by) the porridge! If we agree that life very much depends on the right number and healthy functioning of our blood cells (both red and white), which definitely makes a significant part of what in traditional medicine is described as vital energy and constitution, then when we suppress our blood cells to calm down the immune system that has gone crazy, confusing self as the enemy in case of MS and similar conditions, whether we want it or not we are at the same time depleting the body of its power to fight and survive.


According to traditional Chinese medical approach diseases are the result of disturbed circulation of vital energy and its depletion due to external and internal pathological factors (including suppressed emotions). If we manage to improve the circulation and depletion of vital energy, then the body knows the rest (how to fight and survive) much better than our medical knowledge knows.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Iraj Rouindej, Dr. Sheikbahaee and finally Dr. Mauk von Boer for giving me this exceptional opportunity to experience this fascinating I-Health System, together with my daughter �assistant Goli Mohebbi and all "patients," friends and relatives who participated in this research.


For further information: please write to with a copy to



[1] The result of this period of research are the following articles:

"Comments on professor Loo's view on Western & Eastern medicine," American Journal of Acupuncture (A.J.A.vol 15, no 4, Dec. 1987), "Treatment of Two Cases of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis with Electro-acupuncture" (A.J.A, vol. 17, no.3, Sept. 1989) and "War Neurosis According to Chinese Medicine," A.J.A (vol. 19, no.4, 1991).

[2] The details of the results obtained will be dealt in another article which will be posted as soon as finished.

[3] By "close" I mean this close that I knew in person their immediate family (as a family doctor would do), made friend with all of them as much as they would talk to me about their personal problems and lived with some of them who became my best friends.

[4] Because MRIs taken by different machines show different sections of the brain, it was very hard to compare patients' previous MRIs with the one taken after the therapy as the physician specialized in MRI pointed to. Therefore, we needed to take two MRIs one before and after the treatment with the same machine which could be quite hazardous to patients, already depleted of vital energy and thus have a weak surrounding electromagnetic field or aura.

[5] In this therapeutic method that takes 5 weekly sessions with follow ups depending on the individual's history, the following MS symptoms have been greatly improved, if not totally disappeared: urinary dysfunction, the typical MS lack of vitality and fatigue; speech difficulties, nystagmus, tremors, and aversion to damp heat are also considerably improved, but with less speed; and locomotion difficulties are relatively improved depending on the severity of the symptoms and duration in at least 85 percent of a total of about 60 people I have so far treated (about 40 people were treated in a span of one year 10 years ago and 20 in the past 8-9 months).

[6] Based on Chinese Medicine, Joyous Existence is a kind of dance meditation concentrating on internal organ-energy channels and their corresponding functions and emotions.

[7] For more information, see, A scientific evaluation, Em. Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Gioacchino Falsone, or write to I-Health.


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