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Can the guardians of "The Freedom Press" Come Out of Hiding?

By Debbie Menon


It has been a known fact for very long, that the Israel Lobby and its friends have used intimidation, friendly alliances and outright ownership of the public infotainment and educational media to manipulate, American public opinion about Government Officials, appointees, American educators and any others who either criticize the unholy actions of Israel or its policies.  They have had a firm and unrestrained hand doing this because of their widespread influence in American business, advertising, education, media ownership and have intimidated just about everyone in positions of decision and responsibility into compliance with their objectives and directions.


It is sort of an offer that no one in position has been able to refuse...."


If you wanna play in this game, you play by our rules... or else!


What they did, or tried to do to Charles Freeman, is nothing new; What the Chas Freeman Fight Was Really About this, and much worse, has been done to quite a few, whose academic tenures have been blocked by men afraid to stand up for their own faculty against the Israel Lobby.


The same self-interest causes American journalists to serve as shills for Israeli and US government propaganda and the US Congress to endorse Israeli war crimes that the rest of the world condemns.  Yes, it worked, in a way; but they are getting blowback  which will make theirs a pyrrhic victory!


We hear the tide is turning.  It is about time!

The Times, they are changing;  The question is... 

Can the guardians of 'The Freedom Press' come out of hiding?


It is the same after every battle; the winner emerges and tells his story, while the hundreds who were taken down are buried where there is no one to hear them or tell their story.


Norman Finklestein, Joel Kovel, Cynthia McKinney, Paul Findley, Max Cleland, John Gunther Dean, Charles Freeman were among the many ambushed and taken down by lies, deceptions, distortions and phony character assassination. 


Books will be written and the story recorded for history. And, that is where they will make whatever impact and effect they will have in history. 


"What we need here and now is less of tomorrow's history, and more of today's story!"


We hear an awakening is in motion, and the Times they are a'changin.' And while we are conjecturing...more are beginning to speak out against the Israel Lobby! "Slowly but steadily, space is being opened up in the United States to talk honestly about Israel." - John Mearsheimer.


Where have they been for the past three-five-ten and yes, fifty years that such political, professional and yes, personal, character assassination have been commonplace events for those who opposed the Zionist/AIPAC agenda?


They were all back then, behind the front lines in the Battalion Clubs drinking and running war stories on Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton ...if not over in Tel Aviv picking up their medals and rewards for their contributions to their great War Effort...Israel's war, not America's!


In the meantime, most of the original men and women who walked point on much of what is being revealed today are also busy trying to adapt to a new prosthesis, find a job, get their heads on straight, and simply stay alive for one more day!


Petras, Pilgers, Roberts, Whitney, Cook, Shamir n Atzmon, Cockburn n Lendmen have been the pioneers, the point men and women in Alternative Media, who opened the trails and made it safe for others to follow... Alexander Cockburn in his "Special Report" in Counterpunch; He tells the Facts and Names the Names.


Are you surprised, when Cohen and the NYTimes fail to show proper support for Israel by publishing something like this; and they are attacked?  This is par for the course, and I am sure they anticipated it at the New York Times. I am only mildly surprised that they published the stuff knowing that they were going to have their feet pressed to the neo-Zionist fire. The truth is not fit to print if it does not support the neo-Zionists, you don't know that?


Someone is finally standing up to the Zionist persuasion?


The MSM (MainStream Media) editors and producers are seeing the truth for what it is or knowing it all along, are finding the spine, or the profitability to change their stance and start writing stories they never dared write before, for a great many reasons, keeping jobs being just one of the obvious ones.


The Guardian reports Israel Defence (sic) Force used teen age Palestinians as human shields for armored vehicles when entering allegedly dangerous areas in Gaza...


Is anyone surprised?


For a sneak preview of the latest fashions being worn by soldiers of the Israel Defense (sic) Force, click on the link.



Yes, it's time the blinders came off... worldwide!

Witness the attitude of the world's most sic Israeli Defense Force (IDF).


Someday War Criminals may not be able to find secure sanctuaries anywhere. Of course no one should expect Israeli leaders, commanders and soldiers to ever face war crimes, since they, are a "chosen people" not subject to abstract codes of morals, justice and righteousness as Are the lesser others of this world!


Israel and the Simon Wiesenthal Canter have developed the procedures, and perfected the techniques for running down, apprehending and kidnapping "War Criminals," and now they will have to work out means of protecting them! I see no need for change here! Hang them!


The Congress has never had guts, and no realist will ever expect an elected official to ever acquire them, perhaps Congressman Ron Paul being the only caveat; But, the fifth estate, print, radio and TV has always prided itself on [and bragged about) being the watchdog and surrogate spine for those spineless in US politics. 


While the guardians of Freedom Press slink and sink, the stalwarts in Alternative Press, Pilgers, Petras, Roberts,

Whitney, Cook, Shamir n Atzmon, Cockburn n Lendman, Finklestein and Mearsheimer and Walt, rise above them all!


We hear an awakening is in motion, and the Times they are a'changin' It's about time!


The fact that the Zionists and their Lobby in all their kosher glory could not stop the Galloway speech and the Doha Debate from happening, it is significant.


F'rinstance, British Member of Parliament, George Galloway speaks from New York City to the Canadian public, America and the rest of the World.


Galloway was beamed into, via the Internet, a nearly full 588-seat MiST theatre at the University of Toronto Mississauga.



Been barred from entering Canada, the "New Democracy" way.  If he does not think the JDL (Jewish Defence League) way.


They ban him, deny him a podium, a voice, and discredit him by branding him a defender of Terrorism. Listening to the criteria by which he has "failed Canadian border security qualifications for entry," I am surprised that they allow any Israeli!


George Galloway is an absolutely spellbinding and inspiring speaker. A true Democrat and Humanist. The likes of who is an exception in Mainstream politics. Watch the entire speech, including the telephone call at the end. Note the intensity with which he listens to the callers on the other end of the line, and responds to their questions in detail. That is focus! The hallmark of a man who can think on his feet, while running.


Yet you hear them yell Geo. Galloway is a rabble rouser. Which merely demonstrates the efficacy of the character assassination jog they and their Zionist controlled media have done on George. They have destroyed his credibility among a great number of people whose primary source of information is the mainstream media.


"Israel is America's number one ally in the Middle East, the only true friend they have in a world of enemies, and anyone who speaks against them is a rabble rouser."


While the Galloway speech was brought to New York City and BBC and perhaps Al Jazeera, brings the Doha Debate to the Americas and to the UK and the rest of the world live, full screen, and complete;  CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, and the US Press and Murdoch Infotainment Corps, if they even mention it, will excerpt, edit, editorialize, interpret, and tell us what was said, by whom, what they "actually: meant, and who won the debate so, most Americans, who are in a hurry, will not have to waste time watching the entire show, and use too much energy thinking about it or trying to figure out what it was all about.


Count on it!


They gripe: "Iran's supreme leader dismisses Obama overtures"


He observes: "They chant the slogan of "change" but no change is seen in practice. We haven't seen any change."


I agree with him; I haven't seen any actual measurable degree of change, other than those words.  I cannot see how this is a "dismissal" of what the words say, it is, in my humble estimate, simply an appeal for more concrete, visible and persuasive evidence that a "change" is actually in the wind, and not just wind.


Stop Arming Israel (by Philip Giraldi CIA

But then, "The Mainstream neo-Zionist Press," it probably needs another good shooting war to bolster its fading fortunes.

Call from Philip Giraldi about Pretext for War with Iran

Netanyahu To Obama: Stop Iran, Or I Will


American readership has for long believed everything they read in the MSM, which is their primary source of opinion and knowledge, like sheep being led to the trough and dipped.


It is the sheep-dippers, the Murdoch's News Corporation Companies - Rupert Murdoch  and controllers of MSM, who play the tunes to which everyone dances, and if you think that the masses only listen to the MSM, which is a correct assumption, or dance to this Big Band, then you are absolutely correct.


You cannot change what the Zionists of MSM publish, or what music the Bandmasters play at this dance, unless you can buy them out, which is unlikely, or offer the sheep a better press and better music, which is where we must develop alternative journals and musical groups, which will draw the public herd of ovine's away from their normal grazing pastures, which are pretty sere and sterile anyway, for lack of water and nourishment, for the managers were reaping as much benefit and profit without putting anything back into the resources.


"An editor here, or a violinist there, may write the Truth, or play to the true score, but one will not change the Headlines, and the other will not be heard by the audience over all the other instruments playing to the directors beat."


If they do, both will be exposed by their discordant activities, and fired!  Like so many journalist and educator champions of Truth have already been.


The topic of this essay not only describes the state of affairs in the Mainstream media today, but the pointlessness of trying to change it unless you are big enough to go up against the owners and backers; Moreover, they have had a headstart of fifty, if not a hundred years!


You can fight City Hall. But you will damned seldom, if ever, win. Our only chance is to build a new and better Alternative City Hall, and not let the Old Council come in.


Debbie Menon

About the author: Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. She can be reached at

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