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Iran Produces First Cloned Goat in the Middle East



The Middle East first cloned goat was born in central city of Isfahan, Iran, early morning Wednesday. Producing the cloned goat, called Hana, in Royan research site, Iran is the 5th country after the US, Canada, Britain and China that has managed to have a cloned goat, said the Head of Royan Isfahan-branch institute, Nasr Isfahani.

Hana, born after a gestation of 147 days and in full health, is different from other goats of the cattle in appearance because of her russet and white wool.

The research project is aimed at creating animals that are able to produce tPA (tissue plasminogen activator).

Royan institute also has 40 pregnant cows two of which had premature deliveries, but it hopes other pregnancies will be successful.

Royan has already cloned a lamb, called Royana, as its first successful cloning project.

Visit Royan Research Institute's web site for more information.

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