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Tehran's Fruit Market


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Recently, on my way out to visit a location south of Tehran with my colleague Mr Astani, we visited the new Tehran fruit market.  Although it is primarily a wholesale market, the public can buy there.  I had not been to the market since my childhood when I used to go with my grandmother for serious food shopping, such as when she made ash - soup - for large numbers of people.  It was now totally different and had been changed s much and had nothing to do with  what I remembered.  It was rebuilt some years ago and now there was so much more space and you really needed a car to get about.

When we got there, it was mid morning so most of the business of the day was over but it was still busy.There were many men working, most of them young like in most places in Iran.  There were buyers and lorry drivers who had brought goods in or were waiting to load big orders and take them away. All the time that I was there I only saw a few ladies who had come to shop, maybe this was because it was such a long way away from anywhere except the famous cemetery at Beheshte Zahra.

I found the faces here so rewarding to see and note, each one has a big story under the skin and like other things in life some were good and some were bad but for the majority who were working there, it must be real tough, but at least they do have a job.

I have some photos from this visit to share with you.


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