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The First Iranian Short Film Festival in Canada: August 14-16 2009


The first Iranian Short Film Festival promising an introduction of young Iranian filmmakers to the world has shifted its wheels in gear.

Iranian Short Film Festival

Over the past three years, more than 300 films, made by professional young filmmakers (as opposed to amateur filmmakers) who reside in Iran, have been submitted to the Short Film Festival's Administration Committee. Of these films, 113 have been selected for screening and competition in this festival. Unknown young Iranians from large and small cities, towns and villages, often with the most basic and primitive tools, have expressed their beliefs and artistic ideas through cinema's magical lens.

The festival will have the involvement of some of the strongest Iranian cinematographers, producers, directors and actors as part of its Jury Committee. All films will include English subtitles and will be categorized by genre. The main objective of the festival is to bring about an opportunity for the skilful and young Iranian filmmakers who, without adequate access to proper equipment and technology, have been successful in winning a number of prestigious awards. Bearing in mind that Canada consists of a variety of cultures and nationalities and considering the number of Iranians residing in the country, the permanent setting for this festival is planned to remain here. Expansions in the festival are planned in the near future so that Iranian-Canadian filmmakers can also take part.

 This festival will take place on August 14-16 at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Each selected film is planned to run from 2 to 30 minutes and will be shown in 15 screenings. Each screening has been estimated to be 90 minutes long.

Iranian Short Film Festival Official Site

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