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Confessions: US Intelligence Agencies' Role and French Detainee


TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A member of an anti-Iran terrorist group detained during the post-election unrests in Tehran confessed that the US intelligence agencies hatched different plots to infiltrate the election campaign and headquarters of certain candidates in Iran's recent presidential election.

"Infiltrating into the parties that aimed to participate in the election as well as infiltrating into the universities and union guilds were some of the plots that we were due to perform for the US forces and the Council of Kingdom," Mohammad Reza Zamani, a member of the anti-Iranian terrorist group 'Council of Kingdom', said during a second court hearing of those detained during Iran's recent post-election unrests.

Zamani reiterated that he and his team were responsible for infiltrating into the election headquarters of certain candidates for the 10th presidential election in Iran.

He also confessed that his liaison officers had given him formulas to make different types of bombs to be detonated in different public places across Iran.
"The Council of Kingdom of Iran sent us some formulas for making weak and powerful bombs and wanted us to deliver them to our liaisons in Iran so that they can foment unrest by detonating them," Zamani added.

Further, he confessed to his involvement in a bloody bomb blast at a religious center in the southern city of Shiraz in April 2008, which claimed 14 lives and wounded 200 more, saying that he had used the same formulas for making the bombs planted in the Hosseiniyeh Seyedoshohada.

Hosseiniyeh is a mosque-like religious center.

Stressing the role of the US in stoking insecurity in Iran, Zamani reiterated, "We received funds from the US and the office of the Council of Kingdom to continue our work and to make a living."

Iran last Saturday started trial of a large number of detainees with major roles in the country's post-election frenzy in which they confessed to their relations with certain foreign countries who contributed a role in fomenting unrests.

Iran has repeatedly accused the West of stoking post-election unrests, singling out Britain and the US for meddling.

During the first hearing session last week, 100 culprits, including, the head of former President Seyed Mohammad Khatami's Presidential Office Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Ali Abtahi and renowned reformist journalist Mohammad Atrianfar went on trial.

French Detainee Asks for Iran's Pardon

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A French national detained in the recent post-election frenzy in Iran, admitted to her crimes and asked the court and the Iranian people for clemency.

FNA dispatches from courtroom said that Reiss had confessed to her crime during the hearing, and said, "I shouldn't have participated in the illegal demonstration and shouldn't have sent the pictures, I am regretful."
"I apologize to the Iranian people and court and I hope the people and the court forgive me," she said.

Clotilde Reiss, a French national who was detained during the events after the June 12 presidential election in Iran, made the remarks during the second court hearting of post-election detainees here in Tehran on Saturday.

Her father is a member of France's Nuclear Energy Commission and her mother is a member of the French Army.

An indictment raised by deputy Prosecutor-General of Tehran's public and revolutionary courts charged Reiss with acting against Iran's national security by participating in street riots, collecting news and information and pictures from the riots and sending them to the scientific attaché of the French embassy in Tehran.

Reiss has been held in a Tehran prison where other detainees of Iran's post-election unrests have been kept. She was arrested at a Tehran airport on July 1 on charges of espionage as she tried to leave Iran after spending five months in the central city of Isfahan.

In the indictment, Tehran's deputy prosecutor-general, who has raised the charges against her, has asked the court to try Reiss on the basis of "a report by the Counter-Espionage Department of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry which substantiates the crimes of the French citizen".


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