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Sag-e Zard Bradar-e Shoghale

Sina Alavi

The recent election in Iran and the shenanigans that went on with it reminds me of another election we witnessed in our own good ol' US of A. I actually wrote couple of articles on Payvand to illustrate how pointless it is to participate in our election. The same holds true in Iran's case. This old Persian saying is fitting for these past two elections and many other elections that go on around the world.

All elections around the world from America to Zimbabwe have one thing in common and that they make no significant changes to average life of a citizen in their respective country in a meaningful way. In general, they offer a way for average citizen- who thinks the process will bring changes- to vent out their frustration. And, if it is in the US of A, have all night parties and get lucky. What we need to remember is that elections are about money. No country in the world allows their citizens to decide the fate of their elites and flow of the money.


Depending on which country the election is held, there are filters in place to ensure candidates will not sway from the mainstream political and financial systems. Parameters that define a boundary for election is usually set by the elites of the country, if it is France- Rothschilds set the boundaries, and if it is USA- Soros' and Adelsons. In Germany and Japan- Rothschilds and Soros'. But the whole process seems very civil and orderly in the rich countries of the planet, everything seems so politically chic. If it is Zimbabwe- Mugabe sets the rule for Mugabe. And, if it is our old country, Iran- Mullahs set the rules. And, not so chic.

Unfotuantely, as with all elections, you can have only one winner- even though, Democrats and Republicans working on a solution to have two winners to keep everyone happy for our next election. Kidding aside, it is natural for the losers to be disappointed but how the losers react to the loss, it's a reflection of the maturity of the system in managing the voters. This is no reflection of immaturity of the voters rather than the system in how they subdue the voters. The leaders have the responsibilities of carrying out this task. with the only exception back in election 2000, which was quickly rectified for the following election. Even though, the circumstances were there in Ohio, but Kerry backed down to keep the integrity of the system- with similar scenario that could have played out in 2008 regarding ACORN. But That's a discussion for another time. Since the aftermath of the election 2000, Democrats and Republicans have re-established the unwritten rule of accepting the loss with civility and follow the etiquette of losing. The loser knows sooner or later it would be their turn at the trough to indulge.

But when it comes to the old country of ours, Iran, it seems something is not playing out right. I remember reading somewhere that Iranians have become savvy on politics after 1979 election and they all are well informed. There is no question, Iranians have become more in tune with the process of election and filling out ballots, but, in my view they are at the nascent stages of understanding of how this "election" thing works- especially when it comes to a country like Iran. Just the fact the people show so much fate in the process shows a lack of understanding in how naive they are regarding this process.

The naiveness is to a degree that they think a digital revolution- from youtube, to twitter, and face book can take place. The only digital revolution that happened and we were part of it was in the early 80's and that was proliferation of personal computer that led to iPods and iPhones. The sad reality of this population is that they have the thirst to demonstrate and willingness and boldness to show they do want to speak their mind to change things. Their only fault is that nowhere in the world things change at the will of people in a meaningful way. The argument is not about the mechanics of an election and the fraud that takes place in elections. Fraud in elections are a way to ensure a desirable outcome for the elites amongst the filtered candidates. The sophistication used in execution of an election to hide the ruse of the process is what sets a Western process from a nascent election process like Iran. The superficiality and amaturely run process of election feeds the frustration of the people who think they are being cheated out of their rights. Had a process contain a professional setting of a Western election, the reaction to the election results would be far more different than what we witnessed in Iran.

From the reaction of the people around the world to the results of the election in Iran, it was hard to determine what measures or standards were used. It was hard to see if people want revolution or evolution. By now, everyone knows the cadre of people who were out on the street- everyone was shouting from a disenchanted voter, to disenfranchised citizen, to Zionist, Jews, Bahai's, MKO member, CIA agents, MI5/MI6/MI7/..., mossad agents, gays, lesbians, and everybody and their mother who had a bone to pick with the regime regardless of the participation in the election. It seemed all too chaotic to see the goal of this reaction. If the goal is evolution, then many of these people are excluded and have no interest in the outcome- and they are just spoiling the effort of those genuine voters. If the goal is revolution, this motley crew is not going to deliver what they are looking for and they would be excluding many people in the old country.

Looking at the political and Financial landscape of the world, we could see that the world needs revolution in every corner to clean up the mess we have on this planet. At this juncture of history, any country can use a revolution these Days, and, Iran is no exception.

What baffles me most are people who are born and raised here, but they participated in Iranian election. Why anyone who have never been to Iran participate in the election. To make a difference in the world, start with America. America is the best place in the world to live, but we have strayed from the righteous path the founding fathers have set. As an American, learn why people ran away from despots of the old world and came to this country and try to take this country back from people who are changing it for worse. Understand why so called "democracy" in any form and shape steals your liberty and freedom. And do not let this get worse than what it is. We have a bigger task of cleaning up this country than any other place.

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