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Family and Friends of Kian Tajbakhsh Deny Report by Iranian State News of His Release from Detention


Below is a statement released yesterday by Kian Tajbakhsh's family and published at the  Free Kian website:

Reporting on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's demand that Iran immediately release Kian and other American citizens from unjust detention, Iran's state PressTV falsely claimed that Kian has been released on bail. PressTV reported on August 15 that Kian "was released on bail, but was prohibited from leaving the country."

This report is false. Kian continues to be detained in Iran without access to a lawyer. His family and friends have not been informed about the specific charges lodged against him or how long authorities plan to continue holding him.

Kian Tajbakhsh appeared at "a press conference" on August 1st

Secretary Clinton emphasized on August 15 that Kian "has spent his career working to enhance mutual understanding between Iran and the United States. The government of Iran should immediately release Mr. Tajbakhsh from detention and allow him to depart Iran to continue his academic pursuits."

The US State Department has repeatedly called for Kian's release, with the latest demand issued in its August 17 press briefing.

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