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One-third of Ahmadinejad cabinet nominees will be rejected: MP


Source: pressTV

An Iranian lawmaker has given rise to speculations about cabinet nominees rejection, saying one-third of the proposed individuals will fail to win the vote of confidence.

Ahmad Tavakkoli told ILNA on Saturday that in his eyes certain nominees from political, social, cultural and economic sectors will be turned down by Parliament (Majlis).

He cited 'lack of experience' as one of the reasons behind the possible rejection, while maintaining that certain nominees were likely to fail to win Parliament's approval since their executive experiences did not fit in with the proposed posts.

The senior parliamentarian added that the women nominees had a slim chance of winning the vote of confidence due to their lack of experience.

President Ahmadinejad submitted his final list of 21 candidates for the next cabinet on August 19. The list sees 11 new ministers including three women, namely Fatemeh Ajorlou, Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi, and Sussan Keshavarz for top posts at the ministries of Welfare and Social Security, Health, and Education.

Tavakkoli said among the three proposed women ministers, Vahid-Dastjerdi had a better chance but highlighted that she also lacked sufficient executive experience.

He concluded that criticism from some clerical figures over the choice of the women ministers could influence the vote of the lawmakers. He, however, asserted that the three would most likely to be rejected due to their lack of executive experience even if the clerics had not opposed the choice.

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