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New Revelations about the Horrific Karhizak Detention Facility in Tehran


Source: Rooz Online

In the latest developments related to the suspicious death of Ramin Pour-Andarjani, Karhizak detention facility's resident doctor, the coroner's office announced that his cause of death was "poisoning."

Ramin Pour-Andarjani

In response to this claim, Dr. Masoud Pezeshkian, member of the minority reformist faction in the Majlis, announced that his investigation revealed that Ramin Pour-Andarjani "was not suffering from mental illness and cannot be accused of suicide."

Dr. Ramin Pour-Andarjani was the resident doctor at the Kahrizak detention facility who died two weeks ago under suspicious circumstances. The police announced his death as a suicide but Ramin Pour-Andarjani's friends and family members have dismissed the claim in interviews with Rooz. Previously, some officials had announced that Mr. Pour-Andarjani had died from a heart attack while asleep. However, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, Tehran's prosecutor general, announced yesterday, "The coroner's office judged Kahrizak doctor's cause of death to be chemical poisoning, and the pills that were discovered in the salad next to him matched with what the coroner's office had concluded."

According to Dolatabadi, "The restaurant worker who brought the food to the Kahrizak facility doctor was interrogated, and he said during interrogation that when he delivered the food to the doctor his door was locked, and the doctor locked the door again after receiving the food."

Tehran's prosecutor general also told the ILNA news agency that "investigations are ongoing about whether Ramin Pour-Andarjani was murdered or committed suicide."

According to Jafari Dolatabadi, "Investigators are reviewing the telephone calls and e-mails of this doctor and his family."

Meanwhile, the website Khabar Online, close to Ali Larijani, quoted Masoud Pezeshkian, lawmaker from Tabriz, as having said in the Majlis, "a number of police officials will be questioned in the Majlis about the death of the Kahrizak doctor."

Pezeshkian, who served as the minister of health in the Khatami administration, added that his investigations reveal that Mr. Pour-Andarjani was not suffering from mental illness and cannot be accused of suicide.

This lawmaker from Tabriz had previously said that "the suicide of someone who lacked any problem or illness and who was involved in a matter like the Kahrizak detention facility is questionable from our point of view."

Following the June 12 election, dozens of people protesting the election coup were moved to the Kahrizak facility and various reports of their beating, torture, rape and murder were released. Dr. Pour-Andarjani, the facility's resident doctor, had attended to Mohsen Rouholamini, one of the murdered detainees prior to his death. Rouholamini was the son of Iran's Pastor Institute president and an advisor to conservative candidate Mohsen Rezaei during the presidential election.

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