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Tehran Art Scene: Interesting Works of Masoud Sadeddin at Homa Gallery


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran (


I was sincerely delighted when I walked into the Homa Gallery and saw the work of painter Masoud Sadeddin.  As usual the gallery was very busy and full of people and I had to wait a while to get a few photos for myself rather than using the very good catalogue that the gallery had provided.



I was delighted simply because someone - man or woman - had changed the emphasis of their work to men.  Life for any kind of women, let alone a modern one in Iran, has not been easy in the past few decades and yes, we did suffer and still do, but who says that men do not as well?  So I was so happy to see so many portraits of men by Mr. Sadeddin that I had to go and thank him personally and profoundly for his work and especially his point of view.



I personally found his paintings deep and interesting; they tell the story of individuals who have different and diverse lives that they lead and cope with.  They made me dream of finishing a project that I have had in mind about men at work in Iran.  I just wish I had the time.


Masoud Sadeddin


If you ever get a chance to see his work I am sure you will not be disappointed as his paintings show that important deep sense of thoughtfulness, study and skilful painting that I seldom find in Tehran. In the past twenty years Iranian modern art has blossomed and one can only hope that it continues to take the upward path, rather than the arrogance and manufacturing of artworks by old and new.



Homa Art Gallery:
50, Chehrazi Street, (After Niayesh), Vali Asr Ave., Tehran, Tel. 22055629



Behrouz Moslemian, Masoud Sadeddin and Fatehm Emdadian.

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