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Four Iranian Newspapers Threatened by Authorities


Source: Radio Zamaneh

In another chapter of the government's post-election crackdown on Iranian media, four Iranian daily newspapers have been handed a written warning by the Ministry of Culture against publishing "divisive" material.


The four publications, Asrar, Aftab Yazd, Hayat-e No and Etemad Melli are all close to the country's reformist factions. Reformist media outlets have been repeatedly filtered and banned in the past five months.

Etemad Melli:

The reason for the letter of warning from the ministry has been cited as publishing "material" and choosing "headlines" that are "against a sense of unity between officials and the people."

Iranian establishment has been dealing with the effects of a deepening rift between conservative and reformist factions of the government since the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June which many claim was fraudulent. Recently Ayatollah Rafsanjani, Chairman of the Expediency Council announced that there is no denying that these "political disputes are grave!"

Aftab Yazd:

The authorities have been struggling to downplay the political disputes and the crackdown on the media is at the forefront of these efforts.

The letter from the ministry recommends that the media refrain from publishing material that could "agitate public minds about certain differences of taste amongst officials."

Hayat-e No:

Numerous newspapers have been banned in the past five months whilst scores of journalists and bloggers have been arrested and handed heavy prison terms.

Reporters Without Borders repeatedly condemns the treatment of journalists and restrictions on the media in Iran.

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