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Rafsanjani: Basij and Revolutionary Guards should not have stood against people


Source: Mir-Hossein Mousavi's facebook
Photos by Mohammad Kezempour, Mehr News Agency

Ayatollah Hashemi-Rafsanjani, Head of the Expediency Council and head of the Assembly of Experts, in a meeting with students in the city of Mashhad in answer to some of the criticism regarding his silence about the events after the election said:

"I am not quiet but we are in a situation that discussions are not tolerated...My positions are the same as the ones I mentioned in the Friday Prayer which are based on the teachings of the Quran: doubts about the election should be resolved, political prisoners should be released , the families of the victims of the post-election violence should be comforted and the restrictions on media and criticizing the government and the current situation should be lifted; however some conservative hardliners don't accept these, and think that people's votes are only for formality"

Rafsanjani added: " If people of Iran want us we [can] stay and govern if not we [should] go."

Rafsanjani also emphasized that: "The government has money and resources so it can gather people in the streets but on the other side (Green Movement) there are groups of professors, students, workers and industry managers and it was not right that they put the Basij and the Revolutionary Guards in front of people."

He said: "I am not happy with the current situation of the country and it is not right to alienate the youth and intellectuals from the establishment." He also quoted the prophet Mohammad who said to Imam Ali (Shia's first Imam) that you have the right to govern from God BUT if people did not accept you, don't impose yourself on people." He also added that "Imam Khomeini always said that if people support us then we can act."

He said: "Some believe that there was fraud in the election and I said that I have concerns about the fraud, but then they criticized me that why did you even mention such a thing....I am saying that these doubts and concerns should be resolved...We have law for everything, although some of these laws should be corrected but if everyone accepts these rules are obey them many problems could be solved."

Rafsanjani strongly criticized the violence against the women and the censorship in the media and said: "censorship in our society won't be the answer and if we have free media and people are convinced, then they won't take [their protest] to the streets..." He said: "One cannot trick a society that has 3-4 million suggestion was that there should be an opportunity that both sides could come and debate the issues and then people can judge for themselves."

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