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Iran's Opposition Leader Mousavi Issues Statement on "Student Day"


Source: Mir-Hossein Mousavi's facebook

Iranian university students to mark Student Day on December 7 by holding nationwide protests

16 Azar street in Tehran

Iran's opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi issued a statement about the "Student Day" which is about to be marked by students across Iran. This is while the authorities have threatened the students with reprisals and have  in recent days arrested some student leaders and activists in order to dampen their planned activities for December 7. 

It his statement, Mir-Hossein Mousavi stressed that: "Student Movements are signs of realities greater than themselves.

Our society is now experiencing the strangest changes. Who can deny this fact after the events that the society witnessed over the past few months? What is the real nature of these changes? This is the biggest question for us and for our opponents. If they also knew what a great and valuable event was on the way, they would abandon their amours and clubs and would go after ways of treating for this pure plant that has sprouted in our land.

The most beautiful phenomenon [during the election campaign] was the fact that people with various views gathered together and although they did not abandon their differences and various views but honored each other's views.

The greatness of a nation is in the greatness of its spirit.

Just like when the spring comes and changes the nature we should have faith in its goodness and not be afraid of the changes it make. The courage that a brave person displays is not with loud expressions, it does not prevent forethoughts and won't cause in accepting reasonless prices.

People's issue is that a proud nation is being looked down with arrogance. What is causing people to react is that their greatness is being denied in most obvious ways.

How bitter it is if after all the past and recent experiences, similar mistake is seen in the behavior of some; those who insist to claim people have quieted and only students are left; and in universities it is only Tehran, and in Tehran it is only the mother universities that express themselves; and in those the center of movement are a few non-local youths whom if we expel from the dormitory and threaten and sentence to ban from education, then the story is finished. OK! You did all this, then why isn't the story over?

Student Movements are signs of realities greater than themselves. Wish they knew the value of this and would learn from the signs that inform of the near and far events; and would adopt themselves with these changes, especially that students are not only a small portion of the people but rather form one of the most inclusive and active layers of the society. Currently of every twenty Iranian, one is a student. If officials had paid more attention to their role (the role of students) as a sign of [what is to come] tomorrow, we would not have been in such a crisis. "

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