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Iranian Student Activists Condemn Arrest of Their Peer


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Majid Tavakoli

Islamic Association of Amir Kabir University Students condemned the arrest of Majid Tavakoli and expressed their full support for him despite state efforts to ridicule him.

State media published images of Majid Tavakoli claiming that he was trying to escape the campus "dressed as a woman." Amir Kabir student association claims these reports merely reveal the "dictatorship's fury" against Majid Tavakoli for his criticism of "oppression."

The statement issued by the Amir Kabir Student Association says: "The grand and widespread protests of resistant students all across the country have frazzled the lowly oppressors so they have no other recourse than dressing up Majid Tavakoli in disguise."

They maintain that Majid Tavakoli is the "pride of the student movement" and the resistance of students "be it dressed in female or male clothing" will persist until the establishment of democracy.

December 7 protests at Amirkabir University

Reportedly on December 7, Majid Tavakoli was beaten in the vicinity of the University, arrested and taken to an unknown location.

He was also arrested two years ago in the course of student protests and was released after 115 days in prison.

He was also imprisoned with two other peers for 15 months on another occasion accused of "propaganda against the system, offending the sacred and publishing falsehoods."

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