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Iran Releases List of Iranian Citizens Abducted by U.S.


TEHRAN, Dec. 9 (Mehr News Agency) - The names of Iranian nationals who are held in U.S. captivity were released here on Wednesday. Some of them have been abducted in the United States and others by its agents in other countries.

The following are names of the 11 Iranian nationals:

Baktash Fattahi, Amir-Shahrzad Amir-Qolikhani, Ali Amirnazmi, and Hassan Saeid Kashari are currently held in U.S. prisons with no charges.

Iranian citizen Mahmud Yadegari, who is being held in prison in the U.S., was illegally abducted in Canada earlier this year in spring. According to the U.S. authorities, he was a truck driver.

Alireza Asgari disappeared mysteriously in Turkey three years ago. According to documents and evidences, he is believed to have been turned over to the U.S.

Another Iranian national, who is being held in a prison in Philadelphia, is Amir-Hossein Ardebili.

He was illegally abducted in Georgia in 2007 and handed over to U.S. authorities in 2008. Recently, a show trial was held for Ardebili and he is due to be sentenced next week.

Shahram Amiri, another Iranian citizen, went missing while on a pilgrimage visit to Saudi Arabia last May. According to Iran's Foreign Ministry, he has also been handed over to the U.S.

Iranian merchant Mohsen Afrasiabi and electrical engineering student Majid Kakavand were abducted in Germany and France respectively. Nasrollah Tajik, the former Iranian ambassador to Jordan was abducted by the French government three years ago. All were transferred to the U.S.

Despite these 11 individuals, 5 other Iranian nationals are being secretly held in detention in European countries.

On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki accused the U.S. of abducting Iranian nationals.

"Based on evidence, the Americans had a role in kidnapping Shahram Amiri, therefore we expect the U.S. government to return him," Mottaki said.

Obtaining the release of the Iranian nationals in U.S. captivity is top on the agenda of Iran's Foreign Ministry. The ministry will vigorously pursue the matter diplomatically.

Families of the abductees have formed an NGO to determine the fate of their beloved ones.

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