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Iran's Opposition Leader Mousavi: The condition for completing the Green path is patience and tolerance

Source: Mousavi's facebook

According to the report by Jaras, representatives of some of parties and groups of reformists from Fars province (south of Tehran) visited Mir Hossein Mousavi to commemorate the martyrdom of Ayatollah Dastgheyb and renew their vows with the ideas of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Dastgheyb; and Mir Hossein praised Ayatollah Dastgheyb for his rule before and after the revolution.

In continuation of the meeting, Mousavi talked about the current circumstances of the country and reminded that main goal of the revolution was to consider the demands and expectations of the people. He added that if people's requests are met then there will be sense of collaboration in the country.

Mir Hossein Mousavi, by pointing out the post-election events and reminding that people do not like to be tricked and don't want a government with double standards said: "The election initiated a movement in the country that its most important outcome is the unity and national harmony that has been created across the country."

Mousavi considered the constitution the result of Imam Khomeini's especial attention to people's rights and said that national unity and independence for the country will only become a reality that people's rights are valued and respected but the wrong interpretations of the government of Islam and the constitution is tearing people's unity into pieces.

In continuation of his remarks, Mousavi condemned government's inquisition and spying on people and reiterated that the constitution bans inquisition into people's personal lives and said that these actions of the government have created an unsafe environment in the society.

By reminding people's demand on the day after the election, Mousavi added: "The next day after the election, people had a specific demand that "Where is my vote?" We had all tried to create a sense of trust in people that their votes will be effective. After the announcement of the result of the election, a very significant number of them felt ambiguity and had questions but instead of answering to ambiguities and questions, they were confronted and imprisoned, and that's why dissatisfaction is not gone and is not restrained."

Mousavi condemned government's harsh confrontation against people and considered it the result for the escalation in people's demands and added: "If we had a fair television and radio that would answer people's questions and if people were not confronted harshly [by the government], we would not witness some defying acts."

Mousavi then pointed out the events that happened on the Students Day and said: "They bring (non-student) forces with batons and clubs into universities and call them in their media "students", then say that "students" throw tear gas at each other! The meaning of this act is nothing but tricking people. What is tear gas doing in hands of students?! Our students don't even put fruit peeling knives in their pockets to avoid being accused by someone. At least be truthful and say that in order to control and restrain the protests we brought forces from outside. People will like this truthfulness better."

Mousavi continued: "The nation expects that the security atmosphere be removed because in such security atmosphere underground movements are formed and radicalism grows and the possibility of growth and progress is lost."

Mousavi, by emphasizing that people's protests since after the election have all been peaceful, reminded: "From now forward also all protests and demands will be followed through peaceful and lawful means and none of us should give any excuse to the opponents of the people."

In continuation, Mousavi expressed his sadness over the imprisonment of many of the devotees of the revolution and the people and said that he has worked with and known many of these figures and reminded that they have never hesitated for a second in serving the country and as an example mentioned Behzad Nabavi, former minister of heavy industries during Imam Khomeini's time and praised his management skills.

At the end Mousavi reminded that the Green path ahead is a long one and added: "The condition for completing the Green path is patience and tolerance. We should put making effort to progressing in this path as part of our life style and we should maintain this network of activities and connections that we have."

Mousavi emphasized: "Being or becoming Green is not specific to someone or some group and the Green color has root in our history, nation and culture. Everyone who adheres to the people's visions to any degree and values rationality and justice, even if is of our opposition, is Green."

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