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70 Percent of University Students Oppose the Government: Iranian Official


Report by Rooz Online

The increasing frequency of student protests in universities across the country, especially since December 7, point to the university administrators' loss of control over the university atmosphere. Even for a while prior to the Student Day, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's supporters had lost the chance to speak at university campuses, their speeches or question and answer sessions often being interrupted by student protests.

Iran: University Students Continue Anti-Government Protests (December)

In reaction to this situation, yesterday Mohammad Mohammadian, who head the supreme leader's office in university affairs, called for firmer confrontation of students and professors accused by him of weakening the regime.

According to a report by ILNA, speaking at the sixty-second annual conference of medial university chiefs, Mohammad Mohammadian warned about the condition of the country's university campuses: "According to the existing data, 70 percent of students votes against Ahmadinejad."

The remarks of the supreme leader's advisor in university affairs are made as student protests against the Ahmadinejad administration have grown in an unprecedented manner, with the university administration practically losing control of several large universities in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashad and Hamedan.

Security forces affiliated with the ministry of intelligence have been dispatching Basij and Revolutionary Guards forces into university campuses to oppress and stop the further spreading of peaceful student protests.

The supreme leader's advisor in university affairs also openly called for confronting professors who "weaken the regime," noting, "In instances in which some professors are moving towards the direction of weakening the regime they must be given guidance, and if necessary be confronted."

Meanwhile, yesterday a group of professors from the Tehran University's technical campus issued a statement blasting the Basij and Revolutionary Guards' interference in the university's affairs.

Pointing to the violent and harsh crackdown of government forces, these professors announced, "On December 7 and 8, a large number of people who were neither students or staff members at the Tehran University passed the security gates and entered the campus, gathering in front of the main Pardis building belonging to the technical campus. The consequence of these people's attack on the technical campus' Pardis building for two days in a row was the beating of students, harassing and threatening of workers and professors, firing tear gas and creating an overall atmosphere of terror."

Professors from the Tehran University's technical campus warned that the continuation of the situation would undermine the safety of university students, professors and staff, and demanded an immediate halt to the security forces' presence in universities.

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