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By Roya Monajem, Tehran

Obliged to listen to a self-exiled dissident on a banned satellite channel because the whole family is attentively listening, and being there as a guest to express my consolation for the death of a close relative, I hear the speaker talking about his memories of Ayatollah Montazeri whose death triggered another chain of wrath and fury and brutal confrontations...

The thought that crossed the mind was: It seems as a nation we are indeed in love with the Dead, (mordeh parast) as both outside and inside (one mourning for Montazeri and the other for a family member) can testify!  The sound of drums coming from outside also denoted the beginning of mourning days for Imam Hossein, as they did before the advent of Islam for Siavoosh, symbolizing in the last analysis the first law of material life: The Battle of Death and Birth, (good and evil, god and satan...)

While opening a word document to write down these thoughts, the dissident's voice naturally fades into sound vibrations and for some reasons associate Shirin Ebadi's letter, written on the occasion of Montazeri's death, calling him a Spiritual Father and thus confessing her sins...

The second thought was: The Fox in us Iranians is so well-developed. Such hypocrites we are! Amazing! There is no doubt hypocrisy is now a common human trait, manifested by all. And hypocrite is one who like actors plays a role. Their difference with Schizophrenics and Multiple Personalities of Psychiatry lies in the fact that the latter are not aware of their dishonesty, while the former are.

Perhaps one of the vocations of the inhabitants of this land, as a cradle of civilization is to keep on civilizing the world. Iran: Seven Faces of Civilization, the first documentary which casts away the long standing shadow over Iran's role in this respect was one of the good-news received these days. The fall of Sassanid Empire by some nomadic Arabs sounded an agonizing puzzling event to perhaps all educated Iranians. That is perhaps why we needed that Islamic Revolution to understand what appeared to us as 'the unforgivable sin' of our fore-fathers in nearly one and half thousands years ago.

In our high school history books when we first began to learn about our past it was said that what brought about the fall of that great Sassanid Empire was corruption of rulers and depravity of nation who naturally got mesmerized by the main slogan of Islamist invaders: Equality and Brotherhood of all nations. Their victory is an unquestionable evidence that Cyrus' manifesto of human rights was being violated for some uncivilized nomads to defeat his successors apparently without not much public resistance!

dish from Sassanid era

The above speculation that perhaps it was Iranians' vocation to civilize other nations comes from the fact that it was Iranians who taught those nomadic Arabs the alphabet of civilization as they later did with their other invaders such as Turks, Mongols, Turkmen, Afghans, for a longer or shorter time, ignoring what was going on meanwhile on the other part of the world, which benefiting from the discoveries and other achievements made in the East, was putting behind the Dark Ages of religious superstition, suppression, despotism, beginning to cultivate that peculiar human characteristic separating it from all other Mammals called Reason in a new way, gradually giving rise to Industrial Revolution, with the resulting breakthrough in development of more efficient tools and technology, including tools of power - i.e. armaments.

It was through Western Colonialism, the two World Wars, and Imperialism that Iranians actually began to wake up from a long hibernation as a nation, demanding their rulers to regain and maintain their role as an old determiner of human life on our planet by behaving as any wise political system of ruling would advise in not depriving them from their justified earthly rights. In the past thirty years, Iranians re-enacted in front of the eyes of the whole world more or less what humanity went through in the course of its past history, from prehistory to dark ages and religious rules, to renaissance and reformation. The whole population of the planet watched in detail in one life-time the rise and fall of spiritual and earthly idols. The Pyramid of Pharaoh is now standing on its head.  Let's see what kind of a lotus flower will grow from its base now that all the past and once seemingly fanciful politico-social formations that their fore-parents had dreamed, already actualized in some part of this blue beautiful Earth.

Now in their present death and life battle, they need the support of the whole world as their rulers are repeating the same bloody mistakes in trying to maintain their obsolete power by sitting on their spears now. They can do so because the 'drama' going on behind the curtain of politics is not still in their favour no matter what verbal reactions are expressed. If the last sentence reveals some Uncle Napoleon approach, then let's hope that our resurrecting green wave will brainwash all of us and prove that people can win while politicians are drinking their blood-tainted coffees behind tables of negotiations, haggling for their share.

... Payvand News - 12/30/09 ... --

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