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UAE, Germany, China are Iran's main trade partners


TEHRAN, Jan. 3 (Mehr News Agency) - The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) released a report in which the UAE was cited as Iran's major trade partner in the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year (began March 20, 2008).

Iran's exports to the UAE in the nine-month period amounts to 25.10% of Iran's total trade, and imports from this major trade partner in the Persian Gulf totals 12.82% of its trade, up 6.10% and 40.94% respectively from last year's corresponding period.

The UAE exports' volume exceeded 8 million tons valued at $10.7 million where as Iran's exports to UAE amounts to over 3 million tons, valued at $1.8 million, the Mehr News Agency quoted from the report.

Germany's imports to Iran with 9.76% of the total amount of imports ranks the second, but stands the 19th with 1.58% in terms of exports.

According to the report, China is the third trade partner of Iran in the nine-month period.

Germany, Switzerland, Britain, France, and Italy are among the top ten states in terms of imports from Iran. But Belgium is the only European state among the first ten exporters to Iran.

Iran's exports to South Korea, Taiwan, Netherlands, Ecuador, and Malaysia had a dramatic rise, where as exports to Japan, Italy, Syria, Germany, Pakistan, Spain, Kuwait, Oman, and Hong Kong had a decrease.

Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia, Spain, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Denmark decreased their exports to Iran in the said period.

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