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"Israel didn't seek 'clearance' from US"

By Debbie Menon 


Debbie Menon

Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday that Israel did not seek U.S. approval before a ground invasion against Hamas, the bloodiest Israeli-Palestinian clash in years.


So, Vice President Dick Cheney just washed his hands of any blood when he declared that Israel had not received a sanction from him or the US for the invasion.  Now, that may be true, to an extent, but does anyone actually believe that he didn't know, and that Israel did all of this in the dark?  With US sanctions or not, there definitely has to be an understanding of some sort, or Israel would not have gone in.


It is the same between Israel and the EU. It is quite obvious they at least had the understanding of a wink and a nudge, a "blind eye" and assurances of nothing more condemnatory than rhetoric.


The fact that Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the US, makes this declaration says a lot about the ad hoc manner in which the US Government has been run for eight years, and who is actually running it, if anyone.


Whether Israel asked for or received "sanctions" in this matter is a State Department function to handle, and any announcements regarding such a subject should be handled by the State Department, not the Vice Presidency or, for that matter, anyone in the Executive Department.


In fact, the Vice President of the US, the last time I read the Constitution, has no responsibility and, definitely, no authority to act or speak on or about any matters in Government as long as the President is still alive and functioning in office. 


Of course, this raises the question about the functionality of the US President in the office?


There is also the question of taste, or was it a deliberate decision in this case, to reinforce the blood-lust dedication behind the issues that they chose such a setting for him to make such a presumptuous and asinine announcement... whole standing in front of that panoply of wild game which he and his friends take such delight in shooting, when not busily engaged in shooting at each other!


The Politicians and their Corporate lackeys (or is it vice versa?) who control information in the West have so muddied the reality of who Palestinians are and what they stand for with propaganda, that they have created an entirely new and fallacious reality in the West about who and how the Hamas are.  It is the way of the present world to lie a reality into existence, paint it any color they wish, and painted red dots on the head of the undesirable chicken so that the others will peck it to death.  Hamas is the only representative of the real Palestinians,  the only true popularly elected representatives of the people. But, Hamas has been declared a "Terr'ist" organization by Israel and the United States and any effort to organize in any way will get you put in jail and all of your financial accounts frozen and ultimately confiscated.  Checkmate!


They in the West,  are not against Hamas because they are radical anything's, militant or otherwise, but against them because they were a popularly elected majority government in Palestine who stood against the Quisling PLO sell-out to Israel, Abbas and Fatah, and they would have effectively rallied and  organized Palestine in frustration of the expansionist programs and policies of Zionism.


Is that so complicated to understand? 


Therefore, they, the West, are against them because they believe Israeli propaganda or for some reason, inexplicable and incomprehensible to me, are held in sway by some mesmerizing Israeli power.


It is interesting to note, as if they all have the same speech writer, that all of the members of Governments are following the lead of "Hamas the terr'ists" and "Israel the victim," who is simply defending its homeland.  With the exception of   Texas congressman Ron Paul.  He said: "the Israeli attack on the impoverished Gaza Strip shapes a bleak future for the whole world as it means that, "the whole idea of preemptive or preventive war is spreading."  He went on to challenge the idea of Hamas threatening Israel's security and argued that "Palestinian missiles are so minor compared to the fire power of Israel, who has nuclear weapons."  The US Congressman's remarks came as Israel continues to rebuff international efforts to end the assault on Gaza.  Ron Paul told Press TV that, "No matter what they do, it is our money, it is our weapons, and they are not going to do it without us approving it."

While watching the "action" on CNN, BBC and Aljazeera , I noticed the same presumptions on the parts of the newscasters and talking heads as they interviewed Israeli, Palestinian and Hamas subjects on the "disaster" and found them all assuming that Israel is righteously defending itself against terr'rists, which creates a "...what is wrong with you Palestinians?" attitude, or stone wall, through which communications simply does not flow, except one way. 


Interviewers were essentially accusing and trying to put words into the mouths of the Hamas and Palestinian interviewees, and did not even listen or respond to their responses.  Some of them even rudely, interrupted them, so that the listening audience, who might have been listening, might not have heard the entire response.




A great many have criticized President-Elect Barack Obama for remaining silent this past week... to which his spokesmen all respond that the country can have but one President at a time.  Which, as far as that goes, is true?


But, he is still a citizen of the US and, until George Bush, or he himself repeals the First Amendment of the US Constitution, he still has and can exercise the right of Freedom of Speech to say anything he thinks might be important on public issues.  Many other citizens are speaking out and making their views known... why is he not?


Moreover, at my last reading on the matter, the Governor of Illinois, with all of his own problems, has still not successfully named a replacement who has been seated in the US Senate so, therefore, Barack Obama is still the US Senator from Illinois.  Does he not have an obligation to the Illinoisans, to express an opinion or make a statement as their Senator?


I should not have to mention that previously, whenever it furthered the interests of his political campaign, he did not hesitate to criticize or condemn George Bush's stance on just about any issue diplomatically, domestically or politically, and he spoke out vehemently, expressing his opinions and stressing his differences!   So, why is he being nicey-nicey today?


And finally, a Blogger poses an excellent question "Why do other countries not use the General Assembly's "Uniting for Peace" approach to circumvent the US veto on the Security Council and take action in Palestine?"


Perhaps because they seriously do not want to censure Israel.  Why else would the rest of the world not act, other than to bleat and whine?  We will probably never know the real reasons why they do not take concrete or direct actions, but you can bet it has all been done with prior agreement or understanding, a wink and a nudge, nudge, if nothing else. 


When puzzling questions arise, it is sometimes wise to simply go back to basics and study the problem at its origins.  


It is really quite simple....  The name of the game is the same one Israel has been playing for sixty years now... to make life for Palestinians in Palestine so uncomfortable, dangerous and deadly that they will leave.  Once gone, they will never, of course, be allowed to come back.


We are seeing nothing more today than sixty years of follow-up of Deir Yassin.  


Where do the Palestinians go?


That is not really something an Israeli concerns himself about.  Ariel Sharon has considered Jordan as an alternative.  He thinks "Jordan is Palestine," as Michel Chossudovsky , (Global Research, January 4, 2009) notes in his precise, wordy and detailed analyses of "Why Israel is invading Gaza." 


To an Israeli, Jordan is Palestine, as are Egypt and all of the other Islamic nations in the neighborhood.  After all, to Israelis and hard-core Zionist Jews the world consists only of "us Israelis," the chosen people, and a whole bunch of "them others," all of them lesser people, and threats to their God-given right to sole dominion of earth, which He created solely for them.


Looked at in the proper context, it is quite simple.  Complicated things, once the propaganda has been set aside, usually are.



About the author: Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai.  She can be reached at:


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