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Mothers for Peace Demonstrate in Tehran Against the War in Gaza


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran - Mothers for Peace in Iran are a group of women who came together to share their solidarity and belief in peace and harmony in the world and dialogue and understanding rather than violence and war.  Today, Sunday, they demonstrated in front of the Palestinian embassy in Tehran.

The ladies were shouting "peace-peace, one two three peace-peace.  The demonstration started around 11 am with about 40-50 people, most of them women about my age but there were some younger ones and a few children.  On the placards that the ladies were carrying were slogans such as "children are the real victims of blockade and war", "Unprecedented violence in Gaza - Why Silence?", "Stop the genocide in Gaza", "Where is my home?" Mahatma Gandhi's words "resistance is the right of the oppressed and those who have been occupied", "women and children are the victims of wars", and others.  These are slogans that we see in the demonstrations that have been taking place right across the world protesting against this most unbelievably violent retaliation and the silence of the superpowers about this catastrophic human tragedy.

The thing that made me more sad was the fact as these women stopped people and cars and gave them their short pamphlets about the war in Gaza, a group started to take over the peaceful demonstration with slogans of war and destruction and their number increased, such that the women moved to the other side of the road.  It seems that the warmongers are found everywhere and even a peaceful demonstration by some middle-aged mothers can not be tolerated even if it is in agreement with the government.  How many battles people must bear and how much pain can be endured in this world.  Please join me and pray for a quick and peaceful solution to the conflict that is going on in Gaza.



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