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Intellectual Blockade of America and Rest of 'Civilized' Western World

By Sina Alavi

It's been thirty years since I subscribed to any mainstream media. Time Magazine was the last publication I dumped and prior to that were Newsweek and Wall Street Journal. It took me a while to understand what's going on with the American Media, then again, being in my twenties and gullible did not help. Soon after that, I quit watching 6:30 Evening News on regular basis- I did give all three networks a chance- after all Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, and Frank Reynolds/Max Robinson were big names in the News.

So, where did I get my dose of daily News- you know the important stuff- no paper, no TV. Well, I did not quite quit watching the News. I just did not trust what they told me anymore. After all in 70's and 80's, there were almost no other ways to get the news. So, I learned to watch the news and run it through my filter to get the real story. For those who remember those years- Vietnam, Khomeini, Sandinistas, Iran-Iraq war, and Iran-Contra Affair, you know you could not ignore these News- like always. The tragedy of it was that what came through the tube was preposterous.

Fast forward to present time and recent events in Gaza. Things are much worse than past two three decades ago. Back then they had to lie about what the Government was doing, nowadays, we need to make people love Israel and see it as an extension of America. They want us to feel Israeli before feeling American.

Pick up the remote control at any given time to find out what's happening in Gaza- go through the Alphabet Soup of networks- ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, even CNN Headline News- Nada. And, if there is coverage it is in Israel's favor. I must be living in a Parallel universe to what really is out there. If you have access to FTA Satellite, tune in to Al-Jazeera, Press TV, Russia Today, or even Saudi Channel 2- you get a glimpse of what's happening in the world.

Just look at a few incidents that has happened in Gaza, but no one is breaking sweat to report these in the Western Media. Granted There are demonstration all around the world, but they are not covered and are not given the attention it deserves and most of the people participating in these demonstrations are non-Westerners who live in the west.

The incident in town of Zeitoun to Samouni family. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, four infant children were found too weak to stand after clinging for 48 hours to what ambulance crew believed to be the corpses of their mothers while Israeli soldiers were less than 100 yards away. Israeli forces were not letting the ambulance crews in to help the children.

Shelling of a UN school in the Jabaliya refugee camp that killed at least 40 Palestinians sheltering there. This act of crime has been carried out even though UN officials had passed on the school's GPS coordinates to Israel and it was clearly marked with a UN flag.

Another incident- where a wounded Palestinian was lying in an open field. Every time he raised his arm for help, Israelis shot him. This continued until the wounded Palestinian died. These are all shocking incidents. So, what gives...Why in the world majority of the Western world are so quite. Are they that callous, insensitive, immoral in the Western world. The answer is a resounding No.

Western world may be morally bankrupt, but when it comes to political events, the majority of citizens are well managed by their Governments. Intellectually, these citizens are corralled and they are never allowed to grow and comprehend issues concerning other countries. That's why a French citizen has no recollection of Algeria massacre, or a Belgian has no remorse over Congo massacre. Intellectually, these people are deficient. English, Americans, Dutch, Germans, Danish....they all live in a parallel universe of Intellectual retardation.


This all did not happen overnight, this phenomenon has existed over a century now, but in the past few decades there has been a transformation in its nature and objective. Mainly, in the first half of twentieth century and few years into the second half of the twentieth century, Governments of the Western countries were focused on taming their citizens intellectually regarding political beliefs to make sure the elites of the society are in control of the country. Communism was one of the main antagonist to the Western dominant Governments that had to be fend off. So, the mechanism to control the minds of the people had to be in place to neutralize any social awareness that may upset the way these Governments were run. A propaganda machine was placed in the system before any media access to the mass. More importantly, it was implemented in Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, TV, and Movies. It was less controlled in the Books.

The benefits of this control had shown over years to a more predictable citizenry behavior and compliance to the society order as it serves the elites of the country. The amazing outcome of this system was that the people who were part of the mass media did believe in their objectivity and non-bias reporting. Since they were the product of a society with inherent limitations, they were incapable of understanding their own self-censorship. Of course there were those who were aware of this limitation but it was not to their benefits to violate the unwritten rule of censorship and they would censor themselves for their own benefits.

For a longest time this filter, what I consider as a Conformist Filter, has been in place to present the Western world with their version of events in the world. With the total control over who the bad guy is being Fidel Castrol or Ho Chi Min, or Salvador Allende, or anybody who did not abide by the rules of the elite of the Western world.

One of the benefits of implementing a Conformist Filter is the intellectual retardation of citizens which provides a citizen who reacts to simple scenarios. Explaining anything that takes some thinking is just out of the question. That's why the Western political system seems to be run on simple stuff and it is very straight forward. In the past year we witnessed election of a fascist Sarkozy as French President, or Brown the idiot as Britain PM. In our own US of A, we like short slogans. "Country First" for McCain, "Change" for Mr. Obama. I don't quite get these slogans, but I guess it is simple enough to repeat and show my allegiance to one these characters. Does it mean if I vote for Obama, I am for Kenya First and America Second. Or, if I vote for McCain, I am voting for no change- then, why would I vote- have more unemployment and misery. As a nation, Americans do not have the intellect to understand these things, they care more about who won AFC title game, and who won the Golden Globe Award. Most Americans are intellectually impeded.

At any rate, towards the mid-point in the second half of the Twentieth century, a new phenomenon appeared which added to the complexity of this filter. In reality, this filter piggybacked what was in place, it just directed the inertia towards the benefit of a new class of citizens. This new class of citizens did manage to create a new elite class with their own agenda. These were the Jews who cared more about Israel than America. In mid Seventies, there was a big effort by Netanyahu and many other Israelis and American Jews to replace the Arab Favoritism with Jew Favoritism. Of course, this came as a natural evolution to creation of the second Filter into the Mass Media. Since the Zionist had already a few components in place- going back to Warner Brothers control of the Movies in the early Twentieth Century, Radio and TV Networks in Mid thirties, and Newspaper and Magazines, like Washington Post in Forties, and Book Publications. A classic example of how Books are being controlled by Zionists is what's happening in Canada where all the major Bookstores are controlled by Zionists and you can't sell or buy any publication that disparages Israel. That's why you would have 33-1 vote in the United Nations Human Rights Council condemning Israel for violating the human rights of Palestinians and attacking UN facilities with Canada with only vote against this resolution. Are Canadian that insensitive or are they just intellectually impaired and they have no clue what was done on their behalf.

The reality is that the second Filter, the Zionist Filter enhances the filtration of the News so much that when you tune to the Fox News and you hear Charles Krauthammer saying that "I think this time around Israel will make the same mistake as 2006 with Hizbullah and pull out of Gaza too early before reaching its objective."

Are we to blame the western world citizens? The answer mainly is no. You need to remember a westerner reality goes through filters that they do not know about. Their reality is upside down reality from rest of the world. In some ways, those of us immigrants are lucky to have a sort of x-ray vision to see through these filters and agonize.

I guess it teaches us to shout out and speak against self-censorship. I do not expect any changes and I have learned to live with it. I learned not to watch Crap News Network (CNN), or watch or listen to Bullshit Broadcasting Company (BBC), or any other censored media.

I am glad this is not 70's or 80's, time has changed and you can rely on satellite and internet to get the real News if you have the stomach for it. I would not blame an average American for not understanding what's happening in Gaza, they are conditioned to see through the atrocities. Trillions of Dollars have been spent to have this kind of reaction from majority of Americans. The reality is what you're witnessing is what I call GAZA, the Grand Auschwitz. It is sad how history finds its way to repeat itself so fast. I could never stand how Israelis could make a picnic out of Grand Auschwitz Massacre by going up on the Parash Hill, which is a nature reserve in southern Israel to witness the genocide of Palestinians for their leisure and take pictures for their family album with Gaza in the background.

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