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Iran denounces EU's removal of MKO from its black terror list

Documentary: Spite of the Soil
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This is a documentary about the terrorist organization, MKO, told through the eyes of former MKO agents who have turned away from their former terror activities. An insight into this organization which has caused terror and is recognized as a terror organization worldwide.

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Tehran, Jan 27, IRNA - IRI Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a communiqué issued here Monday night denounced EU's removing of Iranian terrorist grouplet, MKO, from its black list, calling the move "devoid of credibility."

According to Information and Media Office of the Foreign Ministry, it is said in the communiqué that the move made by the EU Council of Ministers is contradictory with the international laws and rights, as well as that council's commitments towards international anti-terrorism treaties, such as the UN Resolution 1373.

It adds, "The name of that terrorist grouplet, whose hands are stained with the shed blood of more than thousands of Iranian and foreign innocent citizens, is now deleted from the EU list of terrorist groups, which is an invalid move, fully devoid of credibility, and denounced."

The Iranian Foreign Ministry further elaborates, "The EU's move in this respect takes place under such conditions that the above mentioned terrorist grouplet has not changed its tribalist, militarist, and aggressive ideology, even the slightest bit, and its terrorist leaders and elements, with the same mentalities, remain unchanged."

The communiqué emphasizes, "This grouplet has never officially announced abandoning of its armed policy, nor the abandoning of its terrorist methods, and has never denied having made those terrorist moves, including a wide range of criminal acts against the Iranian and Iraqi nations and cooperation with Saddam's regime. Thus, the EU's move in this respect is also in direct contradiction with the international conventions and regulations."

It reminds the EU that the MKO is a most hated grouplet among both the Iranian and the Iraqi nations, and suffers from total unpopularity in these two countries, while the EU, too, is blamed for its biased stand taking in favor of the occupier regime of Holy Qods, that is itself a state sponsor of terrorism, with hand soaked in Gaza children's blood.

According to the communiqué, the politically motivated, unacceptable move of the EU takes place under such conditions that the law suits against that goruplet, including collecting money for funding terrorist moves, money laundering, and planning for terrorist operations by MKO elements are still open at European courts, including those in France.

It argues that the move shows how weak the reasoning of the EU has been in attributing its decision to a former verdict issued by a preliminary European court, which was itself issued in the shade of a British court, both of which lack prompt legal bases and rational backgrounds, to an extent that various European officials have formally voiced their objection against its issuance and stressed that the MKO is beyond doubt a terrorist organization.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has expressed regret that the EU has thus parted its way from the global society in campaign against terrorism and extended a hand for friendship and cooperation with the experienced terrorists, which is why the Islamic Republic of Iran no longer recognizes the EU a legitimate, or a competent partner in campaign against terrorism.

The communiqué has expressed certainty that the move would meanwhile encourage the other terrorists within Europe to move freely there and threaten the personal and social security of the European citizens in order to materialize their illegitimate, terrorist objectives.

Iran's Judiciary criticizes EU for removing MKO from black list

Tehran, Jan 27, IRNA - Judiciary spokesman Ali-Reza Jamshidi criticized the European Union on Tuesday for removing the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) from its black list.

Under heavy pressures exerted by the Zionist lobby, the EU politicians decided in their latest meeting on Monday, to exclude the outlawed group from Europe's list of terrorist organizations.

"If the EU does not extradite the MKO members to Iran upon international laws, it is, at least, expected to punish them," Jamshidi told domestic and foreign reporters at his weekly press conference.

Criticizing the EU move, the spokesman added, "The EU decided to remove MKO from its list of terrorist groups while the grouplet has committed countless crimes and terrorist acts against the Iranian people and officialls and thousands of cases were filed against them by families of the victims."

He said that Iran was following up its efforts through Interpol to take back to Iran over 100 MKO members who were under prosecution for their crimes.

Jamshidi stressed that the MKO removal was an example of West's double standard policy in dealing with terrorists.

"By removing the MKO, the EU divided terrorists into the bad and good terrorists," Jamshidi said, adding ironically, "based on their division, al-Qaeda is now considered the bad terrorist, while the MKO is the good one!"

The spokesman stressed that the EU move would put in danger the global peace and security and is against the interest of international community.

Double standard/EU ignores terrorist nature of MKO

Tehran, Jan 26, IRNA - By adopting a blunt double standaand, the European Union Foreign Ministers in Brussels on Monday surprisingly ruled removal of the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization (MKO) from the terrorist groups' list, despite long record of its countless crimes.

The Union in fact acted contrary to its earlier move taken long years ago in putting the terrorist group in the international terrorism list on the basis of valid documents.

The US and several European states - the so-called advocates of campaign against terrorism - have in a selective and dubious approach turned a blind eye to the MKO's wide-scale activities in their and Iraqi soils, while many of the outlawed group's elements should have been showed up at courts for the assassinations and crimes they have committed both in Iran and Iraq.

The US has for years after Iraq's invasion and occupation been providing the MKO elements in Ashraf Camp with overwhelming moral and arms support and even used them in anti-Iran operations.

Now too the US obstructs Baghdad's plan for the closure of the Camp and punishment of its criminals.

Meanwhile, France has allowed the MKO leaders, especially Masood and Maryam Rajavi, to travel to its territory. After fall of former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein, France has been serving as the European bastion for financial and non-financial support for the outfit.

Based on the documents and film footages available from Saddam's intelligence organization's archive, the MKO ring leaders, especially Masood Rajavi, used to meet with Saddam and other then Iraqi officials and brief them on the outcome of their elements' involvement in the massacre of Iraqi people, especially the Kurds, and of their terrorist and bombing operations in Iran, thus calling for an increase in their operational budget.

Many leaders of the Iraqi popular parties and non-governmental organizations, especially the Kurd ones, have reportedly lodged complaint with the judicial courts or issued statements, urging an investigation of MKO involvement in Saddam's crimes against Iraqis.

MKO grouplet to remain under German secret service surveillance

Berlin, Jan 27, IRNA -- The notorious MKO terror grouplet will continue to be monitored by Germany's domestic Verfassungsschutz intelligence agency despite the decision by the European Union to delist the MKO , a German government source told IRNA in Berlin Tuesday.

Just because the EU has lifted the ban, it does not mean that we don't have our own national security considerations, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

For instance, parts of the German Left party are being subjected to surveillance by the Verfassungsschutz although they are not blacklisted by the EU, he added.

The official made clear that Germany's federal secret service and its state branches will continue their observation of the MKO.

Each German state has also its own separate Verfassungsschutz intelligence apparatus.

The MKO has been involved in the mass killings of thousands of innocent Iranians over the past 30 years.

Furthermore, the Israeli-backed MKO terror grouplet has also collaborated with the former Saddam regime, in brutally massacring tens of thousands of Iraq Kurds and Shias.

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