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By Roya Monajem, Tehran - It is more than two weeks now that our human cries against human evil and injustice is rising every night from the roof-tops of houses of this ancient land where for the first time in the written history of mankind, the message of good and evil came down to earth from heaven through the mouth of Zoroaster recorded in Gatha. How long more will they bear our shouts? Depends on our determination and solidarity for which we need to hear just heartening news with the first one being the rising and intensification of our nightly shouts on a nightly basis.


This is the third and a half major unpredicted accident happening since 30 years ago, which is somehow in harmony with the Chaos Theory. The first was the Islamic revolution. This is what Mr. Bazargan, the head of the first post-revolutionary government of the time said. He confessed several times that we just asked for a river or perhaps even less, but we were faced with a flood. Up to this day, it seems nobody believes that such a great number of people of this ancient land, on which the first institutionalized religion was born as well as the first democratic federative empire, are indeed still in search of true Freedom and Independence. It was in the course of revolution and after it that religious groups took over due not only to their better organization, but their deeper roots in the collective unconscious of people.


The second was another unexpected public participation in the presidency election of 2nd of Khordad in 1997 which led to the victory of Mr. Khatami. The half accident was the previous presidency election where the first extensive test of cheating in a determining public election was tried. This was perhaps the first major outer manifestation of the serious gap in the leadership of the country. And now the third!


Despite the expected approval of the results of the election by the Guardian Council, what is achieved so far is fantastic.


First of all is the solidarity of Iranians throughout the world. As though the green wave outreached the whole globe, heralding hopefully the return of love and friendship throughout the world.


The second was re-gaining of our Iranian international respect and prestige. All humanitarian institutes of the world rose to back up our righteous right of free vote. Singers started to sing songs in our support, an underground music band here, followed by Joan Baez, and then the most popular Iranian singer in exile, Googoosh, followed by Rana Farhan and... with the death of Michael Jackson the whole world of music lovers began to shed tears with us, mourning here for the lost lives, those injured and arrested. Such an extraordinary accident that the name of the accidental heroine of this green movement was Neda (meaning song, sound, tone, echo, call), associating the famous poem by Forough Farokhzad, the great contemporary poetess: It is only sound (read neda) that remains! Perhaps in an ironical allusion to the great Iranian poet Sadi and others who said: It is only the good name that remains.


(Why don't we have a man's name, although nearly exactly at the same time that Neda's picture was shown at the World News, that of a man shot in the neck was also shown.)


Human sacrifice has always been a constituent part of religious and later political way of thinking. Considering that we have fortunately entered the astrological sign of Aquarius, the Age of Friendship, let's hope Neda and her killed companions are taking back this message from the earth to heaven, that we are fed up with all these wars and brother-sister-killing going on here ever since the dawn of history. So let's reconcile, and Make Love not War as the slogan of the first public - against- all- established - ways - of - thinking of 1968 suggested.


The third achievement is learning about the people around, from neighbors, whether living in the same apartment building or in the same residential quarter, to colleagues, relatives and..., particularly at our nightly encounters on the rooftops or back-yards. We are now in more contacts and have a greater possibility to share our love and support.


The collapse of censorship for a short period in pre-election days, particularly during the debates between the candidates on TV, which were indeed very enlightening in regard to where our country is actually standing economically is the fourth achievement.


The fifth which hopefully will continue and deepen is the growth of understanding and thus forgiveness of the ignorant brainwashed militia. According to a frequently repeated slogan of these days: You the Basiji brother, why brother-killing? The nightly shouts on rooftops is the best way to get rid of the suppressed angers, it is a great emotional discharge, working much better than all various analgesic and anti-depression drugs whose consumption was reaching a despairing level, whether in the form of medical pills or drug abuse.  The more the suppressed anger and other negative emotions are discharged in this harmless way, the more space is released for love and forgiveness for "neighbors." This can further neutralize the air of mistrust and insecurity among people in the most healthy and thus full of alertness way.


The sixth achievement is the practice of democracy and endurance of other points of view with patience, understanding and compassion and not falling as the victim of anger, revenge and retaliation. It seems there is absolutely one point that we all agree on here, we don't want revolution in the classical sense of bloodshed, arrests, executions and finally eating the children of the revolution as we witnessed in our own life. The memory is still more vivid to forget. How people of the world could go for a second world war after only 20 years is incredible. Good to see we are learning our lessons not to repeat the past human mistakes, which can be counted as the seventh achievement to keep with sacred figures!

... Payvand News - 07/02/09 ... --

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