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Payvand Iran News ...
07/06/09 Bookmark and Share
Freedom Glory Project: Iranian-American musicians, artists, and filmmakers united in keeping the struggle for freedom alive

"Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name"
is dedicated to the people of Iran and the citizens of the world who stand with them.

Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name lyrics

lt's a silence the lonely know
in the fire the rainbows grows
you can push it down my friend
it will come up ten fold again

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

how much blood must be shed
on the streets of unrest
we will bleed as long need be
that river will remove you from history

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

you have robbed us for many years
but we have saved every last tear
we have suffered all of your hate
and now we march down to your gates

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name
Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name

you think your power is secure
when you startle us with the threat of war
but fear has its limits too
we are no longer scared of you

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

we will burn your temple to the ground
we will tear all your prisons down
your gallows will be set for burning
just before one last hanging

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name
Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name

now we give you one last chance
to do what's right and to let us dance
or the hand of fate will become a fist
a force your thugs can not resist

The fields where soldiers practice their killing
can be a spread of green grass
where the boisterous rainbow children may dance
while the one who beams with
ultimate command
will merely be a smile
(Written by Shamloo)

Shoukoeh Azadi Ba Mast

Song Credits

written by Johnny B

Performed By:
Johnny B (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
Ali Eskandarian (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
Raam (Lead Vocals)
Esfand (Daf/Vocals)
Doug Wright (Bass)

Poetry read by Shoja Azari
Written by Shamloo

Arooj, Roja, Ana, Pooya, Andre

Produced By:
Freedom Glory Project and Andre Fratto

Engineered by Amos Halfi
Recorded at Skyline studio

Video Credits

Shot, edited and directed
by Nariman.

Special thanks to Shoja Azari.

All Photography by Nariman

(From left to right)

Raam, the lead singer from Hypernova, a now world-famous underground band from Tehran.

Johnny B is an Iranian born/New York City raised composer, vocalist, poet, and front man of the musical group Electric Black: The most punk rock country-blues orchestra on earth

Ali Eskandarian - Born in Pensacola, Florida but raised in Iran, Germany, and the US, this singer/songwriter has been based out of NYC while criss crossing the country for the last few years and performing his unique blend of music.

Esfand - Born and raised in Iran with deep roots in Sacred Persian music, also the ex-front man of "Landlord", a New York City rock band, is currently making big noise with his solo deput through electronic/pop sounds.

Nariman Hamed, born and raised in Iran with deep roots in the film industry, currently living in NYC has been making/editing films with many great artists and directors for the past 10 years. He is currently working on his own feature film.


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