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Earth Song

By Roya Monajem, Tehran

It is perhaps time to question a commonly repeated phrase in perhaps all cultures as it has so far been turned to be quite true too. Why "History is repeated"? (Why is anything repeated?)

Isn't it for this simple fact that lots of us who has heard this might have thus believed in it without questioning it, which is more or less true about all the other things in life?

And don't we all by now know as a personal experience that things that a lot of people 'believe in' is bound to actualize? In case of any doubts, refer to the vogue of the day, i.e. positive thinking.

The formula is: Wish for it, imagine it, believe in it, sure you'll have it!!! (of course, the most important thing is forgotten which distinguish it from mere fantasy and that is Work on it consciously, seriously. But let's leave that alone).

Thirty years ago here in this country as it is happening again and has happened and is happening in other countries of the world, we said and shouted: Down with This, Live with That. It is thirty years that we have been experiencing in practice what That is or has been so far. This is what the whole humanity throughout the history of Mankind has repeated in all ages, by all nations. In fact everybody is constantly doing it: I (we) don't want This, I (we) want That. Without naturally knowing what That is, as well as knowing what This one is, simply because we had the chance to experience the former in deed.

Let's this time our "we don't want This" if we wish not to repeat, be something indeed Different.

For that let's each think: What sort of a world do we wish to live in? And if we seriously look at this question, we would see whatever political social formation that might cross our minds has already been thought out and more or less manifested. And they have all been based on a kind of "This is Good and That is Bad."

Ha-ha, by chance haven't we Iranians with our Zarathustra been one of the oldest nations to advertise and propagandize this Concept of Good and Bad?

Even before that wasn't our religion called the Religion of Mehr meaning love, the sun, officially called Mithraism, with major part of it then concealed in Christianity? What happened to it? Isn't Mehr, love the only thing that makes life worth living? So why did we abandon it and voted for the next one (Zoroastrianism)? And then the next one (Islam)?

Why? What happened?

To put it too broadly and generally, nothing much, except the enactment of a law of our mother Nature: Fall and Rise, up and down, in human language Don't want This, Want that, Death to and Long Live...

Where has all this taken us to...? To find out, let us just LOOK around, starting with ourselves, who are we (am i), are we (am i) happy where we are (i am) in our personal and social life? Am i happy with the world i am living in? Am i really worthy to be called Human Being? With all the beautiful things we attribute to our lot (kind), as a creature on this earth! Shouldn't we all if we are really Human Beings feel sorry not only for own lot, but more than that for what we have done to this beautiful planet, our Earth? How many creatures have been extinguished so far by and through our ignorance and cruelty? Which associates Hafez's verse:

The sky could not bear the burden of Trustee

The lot of divination fell on me

And who is this Me: The acme of civilization! MAN (Ha-ha women can feel proud not to have a direct role in all of this, even though they can be more ashamed of their indirect role - as the conspirator, who killed Cyrus, who was the hidden cause behind putting the Persepolis into fire? as examples )!. And what is SO interesting, morbidly interesting is that the root of this word, i.e. man which in Persian means 'I', is thinking, knowing, remembering and understanding.

So, the lot of divination fell on Man (I)! and in other words: us.

Apparently Hafez here refers to a verse in the Holy Book of Koran, which literary or literally says: We (that is God) offered this burden to mountains, they bend down and to skies, refused, Man accepted for he is ignorant and cruel!

Do we wish to continue these attributes given to us?

Are we going to repeat the same old nonsense?

These days words like 'leader,' 'party.' 'organization.' sound (and sometimes resembles both sensation and feeling-wise) like all the tortures certain prisoners are going through, not only here but throughout the world. The Green Wave is becoming International? Isn't humanity One?

Considering the truth that we can't do anything except what we each do in life, in case we don't wish History getting repeated, let us do our best to think beautifully and wish for a beautiful World.

(Hearing your gossiping thoughts behind my back, such as these are the thoughts of a dreamer, an idealist) What's wrong? Let's Dream the Impossible Dream. May we?

Can we just remember to think only of beautiful things while we are doing what we are doing as we can't DO anything else? Can we? Can we do anything more than each one of us is doing in her/his everyday life? Who prevents us? So let's do it? Think only of beautiful things for our world, for our earth, and all its inhabitants, with our species included.

One of the most imperative things for this purpose, to stop History getting repeated is to find a replacement for this 'separatist' racially discriminatory attitude of calling men and women, Man. What about calling it from now on Terrestrial? If that is agreed then the next question is what word should we use as the Pronounce, if not He, She, It? In Persian, one of the languages in which we can talk and write without revealing the gender, we use oo, pronounced like 'who' without the 'h.'

Don't you think it is The Time to make the breakthrough and make this radical change in our most basic discriminatory attitude?

Perhaps if we manage to remember to think beautifully, the other requisites - things different from what were the requisites up to now - will automatically happen as the result of the Law of Attraction.

You can't guess what this essay is going to end with.


A word repeated throughout the human history: Amen.

Let's be quick, before the law of Repulsion, appears to block the way! As is every attraction is bound to be followed by repulsion, unless the breakthrough is made?!!

What was the breakthrough?

What was it to remember as we continue our ordinary lives?


(1) Earth Song: The name of one of Michael Jackson's songs. May his soul rest in peace; how well he visualizes what we have done to our earth.

... Payvand News - 07/28/09 ... --

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