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Many MKO members ask to return home: SIIC official


TEHRAN (ISNA)-Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC) representative in Tehran Mohsen Hakim said a large number of Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) have asked to return home.

In an interview with Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Hakim pointed out to Iraqi Tuesday attack over Camp Ashraf and said Iraqi forces took over the camp's security since January 1st and then delivered the whole responsibility of the camp after the US forces withdraw Iraqi garrisons on June 30.

Iraqi government sought establishment of a security site in Ashraf Camp in a bid to strengthen its national sovereignty and monitor the camp, but it faced savage attacks by MKO members throwing stones and tear gas at police, he added.

According to Hakim, 25 police forces were injured at Diyala province, where Camp Ashraf is located, leading to Iraqi government use of force to strengthen its sovereignty through arrest of 30 MKO terrorist members.

Iraqi government has taken over the whole Ashraf Camp and will not change its approach, Hakim said adding the MKO members are terrorists and need to leave Iraq territory.

He continued Iranian and Iraqi diplomatic sources are in talks on mechanisms to return the MKO members home." Talks will get results seen."

Hakim said 928 MKO members are western nationals or residents and that Iraqi government is holding talks with 12 European embassies to bring them back to Europe.

He declared according to approvals of Iraqi parliament and international organization, MKO is regarded as a terrorist group which should leave Iraq as soon as possible.

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