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Report: Five Students Killed at Tehran University; Mass Faculty Resignation Follows



Tehran University - According to an unconfirmed report by the student news site Bamdad Khabar, on the night of June 14, Anasr-Hezbollah along with the revolutionary guards attacked the student dormitory at Tehran University and killed 5 students.  The students have been identified as follows: Mobina Ehterami (f), Fatemeh Barati (f), Kasra Sharafi (m), Kambiz Shoaei (m) and Mohsen Imani (m).

A Tehran university dorm after being attack by security forces on June 14.

Following the attack, Dr. Jebhedar Maralani, dean of the Pardis Electrical and Computer Engineering Colllege, has resigned from his post.  Dr. Maralani is a well-known figure in the technical fields and has been nicknamed as the "father of Iran's electrical engineering." He has been the dean of the college since 2002.

The students are demanding the resignation of Farhad Rahbar, the appointed chancellor of Tehran University. They are accusing him of incompetence in defending the university and the students.

It is also reported that another 119 of the faculty of the university have resigned their posts in protests to the attacks on the dormitory and violating the sanctity of the university.

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