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Photos and Report: Tehran's Great Green Silence March


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran


Note: Permission is hereby granted for use of the photos published in this article on other sites and publications. Please indicate the source as Payvand Iran News. - We were all determined to go together to Valiasar Square for today's demonstration in support of Mr Mousavi and Mr Karoubi who do not accept the election results after the gigantic and unprecedented march yesterday which filled Tehran from Enghelab Square to Azadi Square. People wanted to show that despite the bloodshed they believe in a civil society and can and will follow and show their determination to get what many now call their Stolen Election!


Our Protest: The Green Silence March


From noon we started getting calls and e-mails that the opposition have called a demo at the same place but one hour earlier. Messages were sent that the opposition demonstration has been called off and it is better not to go. Then we got reports that there are thugs with knives among the crowd. So we got less and less determined and as we got back home I was extremely restless and felt that I had to do something. I felt ashamed that fear was preventing me from taking part. After a few more phone calls we learned that there were directions for the demonstration; one towards north Tehran to the national broadcasting center and one towards Azadi depending on where you were in town, in order to avoid confrontation.


Where Is My Vote


The Government of Coup D'état: Resign, Resign


At 4:30 PM  we headed towards Vanak Square with thousands others, the streets were filled with people young and old, men and women people from all walks of live.


Many people were holding or wearing something green and many wore black as a sign of respect for the students who were killed yesterday. The sense of solidarity and determination was fascinating and fantastic. Everybody was quietly walking up and down the sidewalks at first and as the crowd grew the two sides of Valiasar Avenue became filled.


Change For Iran




There was huge sense of unity and togetherness. It was simply great to be among one's country folks and we all were there because we felt that our citizenship must be taken seriously. We wanted to show that we know what is good for us and our decision and our votes must be respected.


Today is the day of mourning for university students


Empty hands always win over bullets


Even by the time I file this report many changes may have taken place. This is a country where anything is possible, and at such times like now, it's so volatile and full of promises, some good and some bad. There is news that the students of many universities across Iran are up in arms over what has been going on in Iran . Please keep your fingers crossed for all people in Iran and pray the forces of good prevail. Amen!


I have some photos for your from the great Green Silence march in Tehran on this day Tuesday 16th June 2009 .


The incredible phenomenon: 2x2 = 24 million

I'm a retired teacher


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