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Photos and Report: Today I Felt Proud to be an Iranian


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran


Note: Permission is hereby granted for use of the photos published in this article in other publications or web sites. Please indicate the source as Payvand Iran News.  See more photos here.


Click on images to see high resolution versions. - Today, after a long time I felt truly proud to be an Iranian.  I was at yet another peaceful demonstration at Tehran's 7th Tir Square which lasted two and half hours. Again I witnessed thousands of Iranians calmly, peacefully and quietly walking together from 7th Tir Square along the path of Karimkhan-Zand to Kargar Avenue and then ending at Enghelab Square around 7:30 as many people wanted to leave before it got dark!



When I saw the huge crowd walking on Karimkhan Bridge, people were lurking on the street below waving to each other.  I was so touched that I began to cry.  I was a happy and proud Iranian at that moment, even though I felt very apprehensive and all the time wondered whether the authorities would choose to use force on innocent citizens showing their deep dissatisfaction so passionately, peacefully and elegantly through the silent marches around Tehran.  What comes to my mind all the time and should not be so amazing is that we Iranians do deserve better.  We are in some ways very tolerant people but can also be determined, persistent and active participants.


Everything was so gentle, and one could not help but feel the positive and good vibes that were around.  The spirit of hope was lingering in the hearts and minds of all the thousands and thousands that were there.  What was also so different today were the signs of solidarity shown to mark events that had happened in other cities around Iran, and black ribbons for the students that were killed b the Basiji thugs.  It does not fail to amaze me that there are so many different sorts of people from such varied backgrounds and that all this is happening mainly by word of mouth and the internet, which like other things, is experiencing serious disruptions



Like yesterday, everybody seemed nice, friendly and calm.  Not getting annoyed for any reason despite the blazing sun which the marchers were walking towards.  People along the route turned on their water taps for people to drink or fill up their water bottles. The local stores were having great business selling water and juice, biscuits, sandwiches or fruit.  There was also a long black ribbon being carried by the crowd and green ribbons given to all who wished to wear them.  . Also in the past two days police have been present but they are doing their real job which is looking after and taking care of the citizens.  They were polite and stayed aside but were not there in huge numbers in yesterday and today's march.


As I am writing these lines the sound of Allah-o-akbar (God is great) is heard from both side of the house, it is now past 10 o'clock and people across the country are out on their roofs or balconies shouting God is great!  What made the day even better was the news that five members of the Iranian Football team wore green wristbands as a sign of support for the opposition, even if it was only for the first half!



Many now have realized that being there on the march may make a difference so everyday new groups of people join in and it gets more diverse and widespread. What worries me is that we do not know where this will go.  People  are determined but it has been six days now since the day of the election and many have not had any proper sleep or much rest.  Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karoubi do not or cannot come out openly and talk to the people.  However Mr Karoubi has called for a march to Friday prayer, and tomorrow there is another demo but nobody is really sure where it may be and to what location.  But the question remains what will happen if things get ugly, is there sufficient wisdom at large to do the right thing and what is that "right thing" anyway?  No wonder I do not get much sleep.

I have never prayed so hard in my whole life and like millions of Iranian from all walks of life,  now demand for the annulment of the recent false election and for a rerun!


May God and all good forces be with the Iranian people!






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