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Green Presence: Magical, Wonderful and truly extraordinary, yet it is real!


Photos by Syma Sayyah, Tehran


My GREEN vote wasn't your BLACK name!
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Note: Permission is hereby granted for use of the photos published in this article in other publications or web sites. Please indicate the source as Payvand Iran News. - This week I have witnessed history in the making with my own eyes a few times. I have never felt more Iranian that I have done this week and I have not felt so close and united with my fellow citizens of this land of ours, and so proudly too. On Thursday afternoon after rushing from the UN demonstration and sending some of the photos we rushed down town with the taxi that we had kept since earlier on making sure we do not waste any time.  This is not a joke; we are not adventurers, we are normal citizens of this country exercising our rights and acting in silence our objections to the outcome of the recent election and calling for a new election. It feels good to be an Iranian again.

There were, in my opinion at least many thousands if not a million people today in one of the most spectacular marches in this country, for any reason and by anyone, since the revolution.  Nobody gets paid and all that has been happening is spontaneous; thus it is amazing how so many hundreds of thousands of people could do the
same thing together so well and without any organization except a call, an e-mail or a murmur in a street or taxi.  It is most wonderful and dream-like; I see it but at times I must pinch myself to make sure it is not a dream and when I realize it is real, I feel this lump in my throat and want to cry for joy.

Now here is the voice of people of Iran.  Nobody I know wishes for anyone's help from the outside and we all think that it is up to us to do what needs to be done as a nation; we have reached political maturity that is not just necessary but a duty.  However, it remains to be seen what we shall do if our government does not budge or the opposition leaders give in or worse still sell out.

From Imam Khomeini Square right to Enghelab Square there were people again from all sides of life here.  Today as a proud Iranian I walked tall and for nearly 3 hours.

The scene on the bridge a little way down Ferdousi Square and near Vila Avenue was absolutely spectacular, from either side you could see thousands and thousands of citizens walking hopefully, proudly and resiliently and persistently. Many times people asked each other to stay calm and quiet and stay silent.  They all knew that there were elements who may instigate people to chant slogans to spoil it all, so everybody for three hours stayed quiet except when Mr. Mousavi appeared among the crowd at the beginning of the March.

Lighting candles by Tehran University for the dead and injured

At about 7:30 in Enghelab Square people were invited to sit down and someone with a small microphone said some words in praise of those who have lost their lives earlier this week at the university dormitory and expressed everyone's deep sorrow to the families of the deceased and then as it is customary here a few allah-o-akars (God is Great) were uttered so as to bless their innocent and brave souls.  Their families must be extremely heartbroken over their loss.

Today Iranians proved to everyone and above all to themselves that, yes, they do believe in, and can perform the duties of truly good and wonderful civil society members.  They proved that there is a will for a change in the country, for a new Iran.  The first steps will be difficult but the people of Iran are showing their determination and will continue to show how determined they are by their green silent presence.  May their good deed bear tasty and enjoyable fruit!


by Tehran University

Lighting candles for the dead and injured

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