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A poem in honor of "Neda" and her Fallen Friends


With humility and with heart full of anguish and grief I offer this simple poem  to honor her memory and those of other people who have died.  May justice prevail and punish their killers. -- Shirin Ghobadi

Dear Neda

Neda Soltani: 1982-2009
She was a philosophy student

Neda you have not died in vain
Your voice still resonates loud and clear
Your death has woke the world- 
Your blood has paved our course
In your honor and those of your fallen friends
We stand and demand your vote -
We will not succumb to tyranny and force
And fight until we prevail.
No Neda your death is just a start.
The marches will go on and on
until wrongs are undone
until freedom in ours
O - Neda - The lioness of  my heart - my soul
You are the symbol of our pride
You have made our nation proud
You are my mother, sister, and child
You gave voice to our cause 
No, you have not fallen in vain
You have given us courage to rise
And when that day of freedom come
We will cry out your name from the rooftops of Tehran
for all the world to hear
That Neda was our guide, our saving grace.
O dear Neda from your call, thousand of lionesses have risen to fight
and they are all proud to say.
that their name is too. "Neda"

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