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WHERE IS MY VOTE: Academics And Intellectuals In Support Of Democracy Movement In Iran


Protesters in Tehran on June 17 (photo by Syma Sayyah)

More than a week ago, Friday June 12, Ahmadinejad was declared the winner of the Iranian presidential election. Immediately after, all other candidates, Moussavi, Karroubi, and even the conservative Rezaei, disputed the official results. So did some people who started several demonstrations to express their anger. More news fueled the suspicion of fraud at an unprecedented scale. On Monday June 15, and to the amazement of the world, millions of people - of all ages, classes, and backgrounds - were in the streets of Tehran demanding another election in what was the biggest demonstration since the revolution in 1979. A week later, despite the threats and beatings issued and ordered by the government, millions of people are still demonstrating, and the movement is growing and spreading to other cities.

Observers might find the situation confusing, since Iran has long been an isolated country and the everyday Iranian is unknown to the outside world. One cannot even prove that there was a fraud. There remains the fact that millions of people are protesting in the streets of Iran. These are traditional, religious, modern, young, old, rich and poor, academics - some of them our colleagues - going out in the streets and risking their lives with a form of innocence in their aims and tactics. Some of them may stand on their roofs at night shouting "God is great" to keep the movement alive. They are braving the power because they insist that the Islamic republic is a republic.

The government is imposing a ban on the foreign press, shutting down all means of communication within their reach, arresting hundreds of prominent activists, politicians and religious figures opposing the results, and terrorising demonstrators. Every day fewer videos and reports escape from Iran. The state media is depicting the protests as incited by the West, accusing the movement of being a party of hooligans and traitors. After a week of uncertainty, the head of the state, Khamenei, just issued strong and explicit threats against participants in the protests and rallies.

This text is an urgent request to academics to fight the misrepresentation of this movement. This is not only about showing support to the courage and determination of people on the streets of Iran. It also means reaching for the many people in Iran who would like to participate but are frightened or know of the movement only through the state media. It means informing these people of the scale and nature of the movement, and thus widen its support within Iran. To all academics, please sign this appeal to support this movement in its call for a new election and oppose any violent intervention on protesters.

Dr. S. Aaronson (MIT) - Prof. S. Abramsky (University of Oxford) - Prof. L. Aceto (Reykjavik University) - Prof. J. Afary (University of California Santa Barbara) - Dr. E. Ahren (Uppsala University) - Dr. S. Akhavan (University of Sk÷vde) - Dr. M. Alai (Universita di Urbino Carlo Bo) - Dr. G. Alfano (Brunel University) - Dr. R. AllÚaume (TÚlÚcom Paris Tech) - Dr. S. A. Alyahya (Yale University) - Prof. A. A. Amini (University of Louisville) - Dr. J. Anders (University College London) - Dr. E. Andersson (Heriot-Watt University) - Dr. G. De Angelis (Universidade Nova) - Prof. W. Arendt (University of Ulm) - Dr. P. Arrighi (UniversitÚ de Grenoble) - Prof. L. Badalucco (Universit di Palermo) - Dr. S. van Bakel (Imperial College London) - Dr. A. Baltag (University of Oxford) - Dr. K. Banaszek (Nicolaus Copernicus University) - Dr. E. Barker (University of Oxford) - Prof. A. Bar-Hen (UniversitÚ Paris Descartes) - Prof. S. M. Barnett (University of Strathclyde) - Dr. G. Batt (INRIA) - Prof. Roberto Battiston (UniversitÓ di Perugia) - Dr. A. Bayat (University College London) - Dr. N. de Beaudrap (Universitńt Potsdam) - Prof. S. Behdad (Denison University) - Prof. P. Bellot (TÚlÚcom Paris Tech) - Prof. C. H. Bennett (IBM Research Division) - Dr. C. Berline (CNRS) - Dr. G. Bignami (Italian National Institute of Health) - Dr. S. Bliudze (CEA) - Dr. S. Bouzarovski (University of Birmingham) - Prof. T. Brandes (Technische Universitt Berlin) - Dr. M. Bremner (University of Bristol) - Prof. H. J. Briegel (University of Innsbruck) - Dr. I. Brigandt (University of Alberta) - Dr. D. Browne (University College London) - Dr. M. di Bucchianico (London School of Economics) - Dr. J.-M. BuÚe (UniversitÚ Grenoble 1) - Dr. S. Buhmann (Imperial College London) - Prof. A. Bundy (University of Edinburgh) - Prof. P. Buneman (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. F. Buscemi (Cambridge University) - Prof. V. Buzek (Slovak Academy of Sciences) - Prof. L. Cable (University at Albany) - Prof. A. Cabello (Universidad de Sevilla) - Prof. T. Calarco (University of Ulm) - Dr. A. del Campo (Imperial College London) - Dr. N. Cannata (UniversitÓ di Camerino) - Prof. A. Carbone (UniversitÚ Pierre et Marie Curie) - Prof. P. Carbone (UniversitÓ IULM) - Dr. A. Carnevale (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Pisa) - Prof. S. Carroll (Caltech) - Dr. D. Cavalcanti (ICFO - Barcelon) - Prof. B. Chandrasekaran (Ohio State University) - Dr. K. Chatzikokolakis (Technical University of Eindhoven) - Prof. H.-E. Chehabi (Boston University) - Dr. J. Cheney (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. J. Cho (Queen's University) - Prof. C. W. Clark (University of Maryland) - Dr. S. R. Clark (National University of Singapore) - Prof. R. Cleve (University of Waterloo) - Dr. B. Coecke (University of Oxford) - Prof. S. B. Cooper (University of Leeds) - Prof. D. W. Corne (Heriot-Watt University) - Prof. V. Costa (Universit del Molise) - Dr. M. Cramer (Imperial College London) - Dr. P. CrÚpieux (CNRS) - Dr. S. Croke (Perimeter Institute) - Dr. T. S. Cubitt (University of Bristol) - Prof. P.-L. Curien (UniversitÚ Paris DIderot) - Prof. H. Dabashi (Columbia University) - Prof. W. van Dam (University of California) - Prof. F. Damiani (UniversitÓ di Torino) - Prof. V. Danos (University of Edinburgh) - Prof. G. M. D'Ariano (University of Pavia) - Dr. N. Datta (University of Cambridge) - Dr. O. Dahlsten (ETH Zurich) - Prof. P. Degano (UniversitÓ di Pisa) - Dr. J. Degorre (CNRS) - Dr. J. Desharnais (UniversitÚ Laval) - Prof. M. Dezani-Ciancaglini (UniversitÓ di Torino) - Dr. E. D'Hondt (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) - Dr. L. Dixon (University of Edinburgh) - Prof. E. E. Doberkat (Technische Universitńt Dortmund) - Dr. T. Douglas (University of Oxford) - Prof. D. Dubhashi (Chalmers University) - Prof. E. C. DuBois (UCLA) - Dr. P. Dumais (UniversitÚ de MontrÚal) - Dr. R. Duncan (Oxford University) - Prof. J. Eisert (University of Potsdam) - Prof. A. Ekert (University of Oxford) - Prof. H. Emamirad (Poitiers University) - Dr. M. Ericsson (Uppsala University) - Dr. K. Etessami (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. B. Farzad (Brock University) - Prof. R. Fazio (Scuola Normale Superiore) - Dr. A. Farjudian (Aston University) - Dr. F. Farahani (Stockholm University) - Dr. C. Faria (University College London) - Dr. P. Farzam (ICFO) - Dr. J. Feret (INRIA) - Prof. S. Fields (California State University) - Dr. A. Feito (Imperial College London) - Prof. F. Ferreira (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. J. Fitzsimons (University of Oxford) - Dr. S. T. Flammia (Perimeter Institute) - Prof. W. Fontana (Harvard University) - Prof. B. Foroughi (St. Francis Xavier University) - Prof. G. Forti (Universit degli Studi di Milano) - Dr. I. Fuentes-Schuller (University of Hertfordshire) - Prof. E. Fox Keller (MIT) - Dr. E. F. GalvŃo (University of Federal Fluminense) - Prof. J. Gauntlett (Imperial College London) - Dr. S. Gay (University of Glasgow) - Dr. G. Genoni (University of Milan) - Dr. J. George (University of Toronto) - Dr. J.-F. Gerard (INRA) - Dr. G. Gherardi (University of Bologna) - Prof. F. Giannoni (University of Camerino) - Dr. G. Giuli (UniversitÓ di Camerino) - Prof. J. C. Gore (Vanderbilt University) - Dr. E. Grace (Imperial College London) - Dr. D. Green (The City University of New York) - Prof. K. Grinnan (Claremont Graduate University) - Dr. D Gross (University of Hannover) - Dr. G. Gualdi (UniversitÓ di Camerino) - Dr. A. R. Hadaegh (California State University San Marcos) - Prof. S. Hanneton (Paris Descartes University) - Dr. R. Harmer (CNRS) - Dr. A. Harrow (University of Bristol) - Prof. M. Hartmann (Technische Universitńt MŘnchen) - Prof. P. Hayden (McGill University) - Prof. R. Heckel (University of Leicester) - Prof. S. Hekimi (McGill University) - Dr. J. HÚrisson (INRIA) - Prof. J. M. Henderson (University of Edinburgh) - Prof. L. Hendren (McGill University) - Dr. W. K. Hensinger (University of Sussex) - Prof. T. Hildebrandt (IT University of Copenhagen) - Prof. J. Hillston (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. M. Hirschowitz (CEA) - Mr. T. Hoad (Vice President of University and College Union - University of Oxford) - Dr. M. Horodecki (University of Gdansk) - Dr. S. Hossenfelder (Perimeter Institute) - Dr. S. Hym (UniversitÚ Lille 1) - Dr. S. Huelga (University of Hertfordshire) - Dr. M. Huth (Imperial College London) - Prof. J. Hutnyk (Goldsmiths) - Dr. C. Horsman (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories) - Prof. R. Imbuzeiro Oliveira (IMPA) - Prof. M. Ivanov (Imperial College London) - Prof. A. Ivakhiv (University of Vermont) - Dr. A. Iwasiewicz-Wabnig (University of Oxford) - Dr. H. Jackman (York University) - Dr. K. Jacobs, (University of Massachusetts) - Prof. H. J. Jensen (Imperial College London) - Dr. D. Jonathan (Universidade Federal Fluminense) - Dr. S. Janssen (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) - Prof. P. Jorrand (CNRS) - Prof. J.-P. Jouannaud (INRIA) - Prof. R. Jozsa (University of Bristol) - Prof. A. Joyal (UQAM) - Dr. E. Kashefi (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. S. Kedad-Sidhoum (UniversitÚ Pierre et Marie Curie) - Dr. V. Kendon (University of Leeds) - Dr. A. Kent (Cambridge University) - Dr. I. Kerenidis (CNRS) - Prof. D. Kesner (UniversitÚ Paris Diderot) - Prof. F. KÚpes (CNRS) - Dr. F. A. Khavarpour(University of Sydney) - Dr. H. Koeppl (EPFL) - Dr. P. Kok (University of Sheffield) - Dr. R. Krahe (McGill University) - Dr. J. Krivine (IHES) - Prof. M. Kwiatkowska (University of Oxford) - Prof. C. Kurtsiefer (National University of Singapore) - Prof. R. Laflamme (University of Waterloo) - Dr. M. Laforest (Delft University of Technology) - Dr. F. Laviolette (UniversitÚ Laval) - Prof. M. J. Lechowicz (McGill University) - Dr. M. Leifer (University of Waterloo) - Prof. B. Leimkuhler (University of Edinburgh) - Prof. M. Lein (University of Hannover) - Prof. N. A. Lemos (Universidade Federal Fluminense) - Dr. G. Lenzi (University of Salerno) - Prof. G. Leuchs (Universitńt Erlangen-Nuernberg) - Dr. D. Leung (University of Waterloo) - Prof. J.-J. LÚvy (INRIA) - Prof. L. Libkin (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. L. Loewe (University of Edinburgh) - Prof. G. Longo (CNRS) - Dr. P. van Loock (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light) - Prof. H. Longino (Stanford University) - Prof. N. LŘtkenhaus (University of Waterloo) - Prof. J. F. Lynch (Clarkson University) - Dr. D. Markham (CNRS) - Prof. A. A. Mahdi (Ohio Wesleyan University) - Dr. A.-C. Mailleux (UniversitÚ catholique de Louvain) - Prof. H. Mairson (Brandeis University) - Dr. M. Mannani (Athabasca University) - Prof. A. Marcone (UniversitÓ di Udine) - Dr. R. Mardare (UniversitÓ di Trento) - Prof. M. Marion (UQAM) - Dr. P. Maslowski (Nicolaus Copernicus University) - Prof. S. Mattarei (University of Trento) - Dr. D. Mazza (CNRS) - Dr. P.-A. Mellies (CNRS) - Dr. R. Meier (Carthage College) - Dr. E. Merelli (University of Camerino) - Dr. C. Miniatura (CNRS) - Prof. M. Mislove (Tulane University) - Prof. E. Mjolsness (University of California) - Prof. M. Moaddel (University of Michigan) - Prof. K. Mohammadian (University of Illinois at Chicago) - Dr. M. Mahdian (Yahoo Research) Prof. A. Menezes (University of Waterloo) - Prof. D. Miller (INRIA) - Prof. M. Moaddel (University of Michigan) - Dr. A. Montanaro (University of Bristol) - Prof. C. Moore (University of New Mexico) - Dr. M.-E. Morin (University of Alberta) - Prof. A. Morton (University of Alberta) - Prof. M. Mosca (University of Waterloo) - Prof. M. Murao (University of Tokyo) - Dr. A. Murawski (University of Oxford) - Dr. M. Nabissi (University of Camerino) - Dr. R. Nagarajan (University of Warwick) - Dr. M. Navascues (Imperial College London) - Dr. A. Nayak (University of Waterloo) - Dr. A. G. M. Neves (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) - Dr. P. Nicodeme (Ecole polytechnique Palaiseau) - Prof. R. Netz (Stanford University) - Dr. U. Nilsson (Stockholm University) - Dr. R. Nollez-Goldbach (University of Nantes) - Prof. B. Nordstrom (Chalmers University) - Dr. P. Ohberg (Heriot-Watt University) - Dr. K. Ohrlander (Stockholm University) - Dr. A. Olaya-Castro (University College London) - Prof. C.-H. L. Ong (University of Oxford) - Dr. F. Ottone (University of Camerino) - Dr. J. Ouaknine (Oxford University) - Dr. N. Oury (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. M. Owari (Imperial College London) - Prof. C. Palamidessi (INRIA) - Prof. P. Panangaden (McGill University) - Dr. B. Panchapakesan (University of Louisville) - Prof. A. Panconesi (Sapienza UniversitÓ di Roma) - Prof. M. Parsa (Dartmouth College) - Dr. D. Pavlovic (University of Oxford) - Dr. M. Pedicini (CNR) - Prof. O. Penrose (Heriot-Watt University) - Dr. D. S. Perrien (Vanderbilt University) - Prof. J. Perry (University of California Riverside and Stanford University) - Prof. W. Pham (Vanderbilt University) - Dr. M. Piani (University of Waterloo) - Dr. G. Pigozzi (University of Luxembourg) - Dr. M. Planat (UniversitÚ de Franche-ComtÚ) - Prof. M. B. Plenio (Imperial College London) - Prof. G. Plotkin (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. P. Policzer (University of Calgary) - Prof. B. Porter (University of Newcastle) - Dr. T. Psychoyou (UniversitÚ Paris-Sorbonne) - Dr. S. Pumpluen (University of Nottingham) - Dr. O. Radulescu (University of Rennes 1) - Dr. R. Rahimi Darabad (Kinki University) - Prof. D. N. Rahni (Pace University) - Prof. D. V. G. L. N. Rao (University of Massachusetts Boston) - Prof. L. Regnier (UniversitÚ de la MÚditerranÚe) - Dr. D. Reitter (Carnegie Mellon University) - Prof. R. Renner (Institute for Theoretical Physics Switzerland) - Dr. C. Riba (ENS Lyon) - Dr. M. Roetteler (NEC - Labs) - Prof. L. Roversi (UniversitÓ di Torino) - Dr. T. Rudolph(Imperial College London) - Dr. C. Russo (University of Salerno) - Prof. P. Y. A. Ryan (University of Luxembourg) - Dr. J. S. Sß Martins (Fluminense Federal University) - Dr. M. Sadrzadeh (University of Oxford) - Prof. B. Sanders (University of Calgary) - Prof. D. Sannella (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. R. Santhanam (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. M. Santos (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) - Dr. M. Sappol (National Library of Medicine) - Prof. E. A. Say (California State University) - Dr. L. M. Scarantino (EHESS - France) - Dr. S. Schiaffino (University of Padova) - Prof. W. Schleich (University of Ulm) - Dr. A. M. Schmitter (University of Alberta) - Prof. M. Schoenauer (INRIA) - Dr. L. Sedrez (California State University) - Prof. P. Selinger (Dalhousie University) - Dr. A. Serafini (University College London) - Dr. P. Series (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. S. Severini (University of Waterloo) - Prof. P. Shor (MIT) - Dr. M. P. da Silva (UniversitÚ de Sherbrooke) - Dr. C. Silberhorn (Max Planck Institute Erlangen) - Prof. L. Smolin (Perimeter Institute) - Dr. P. Sobocinski (University of Southampton) - Dr. K. Sheibani (University of Guelph) - Dr. R. Spekkens (Perimeter Institute) - Dr. L. Staib (Yale University) - Dr. Graham Steel (LSV, CNRS & INRIA & ENS Cachan) - Prof. M. Stefanini (University of Rome) - Prof. A. Steinberg (University of Toronto) - Dr. K. Szacilowski (Jagiellonian University) - Prof. F. Taddei (UniversitÚ Paris Descartes) - Prof. A. Tapp (UniversitÚ de MontrÚal) - Prof. K. Talattof (University of Arizona) - Dr. F. Tarissan (╔cole Polytechnique) - Dr. A. Tavares da Costa Jr (Universidade Federal Fluminense) - Dr. B. M. Terhal (IBM Research) - Dr. M. Terra Cunha (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) - Dr. H. Thaler (University of Camerino) - Prof. A. Thiele (Newcastle University) - Prof. M. Tirassa (University of Torino) - Prof. C. Toffalori (University of Camerino) - Prof. N. Tohidi (California State University) - Dr. L. Tortora de Falco (UniversitÓ Roma Tre) - Dr. P. S. Turner (University of Tokyo) - Dr. F. Valckenborgh (Macquarie University) - Dr. D. Varacca (UniversitÚ Paris Diderot) - Dr. M. G. Vigliotti (Imperial College London) - Dr. J. Virmani (University of South Florida) - Dr. S. Virmani (University of Strathclyde) - Prof. N. Vitanov (Sofia University) - Prof. B. De Vivo (University of Napoli Federico II) - Prof. P. Wadler (University of Edinburgh) - Dr. J. Walgate (Perimeter Institute) - Dr. D. Wallace (Humber College) - Prof. B. Werner (INRIA) - Prof. R. F. Werner (Technical University of Braunschweig) - Prof. A. Winter (University of Bristol) - Dr. P. M. Wocjan (University of Central Florida) - Prof. R. Wood (Stanford University) - Prof. G Wolters (Universitńt Konstanz) - Prof. H. Ziai (UCLA) - Dr. M. Zoli (UniversitÓ di Camerino) - Prof. E. Zucca (UniversitÓ di Genova)

We are actively trying to get the appeal in the press since June 21

To join this academic appeal send your name, title, and affiliation at: 

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