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Letter to Senator Kerry on U.S. approach to Iran: Is it ambivalence or arrogance?

By Daniel M Pourkesali, Virginia

Dear Senator Kerry,

Senators mull Iran nuclear threat, diplomatic efforts

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Senate opened debate Tuesday on how to engage Iran diplomatically without encouraging Tehran to blow through more "red lines" on its way to a nuclear weapon.

Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, warned that the international community already has sent a message of "ambivalence if not impotence" by allowing Iran to reach a point where it is enriching uranium on an industrial scale.
Experts testifying before Kerry's committee, however, urged that the new administration take a more positive approach with the Iranians and avoid publicly setting red lines on Iranian behavior that could not be enforced.

I was deeply disappointed by your speech on the Senate floor yesterday regarding Iran's nuclear program. 

Senator, contrary to what you've expressed, our approach to Iran has NOT been one of "ambivalence" but one bordering  on the kind of arrogance and absurdity that has defined our foreign policy with regard to this ancient and proud nation for the last three decades. 

What transpired during this so called "debate" was not only disgraceful but quite contemptible. It had nothing to do with finding diplomatic ways to engage Iran by any meaningful and mutually respectful means, but more of the same old tried and failed ideas of finding new ways to force them give up a legal activity under full IAEA watch; or else. 

Your colleague, Senator James Risch of Idaho stated that it was "incredibly naive to think Israel will stay on the sidelines" citing that country's history of pre-emptive strikes against all its neighbors.  Ambassador Wisner seemed to agree. He said that "any Iranian who doesn't take very seriously the Israeli threat to an Iranian nuclear capability is misjudging this nation's most vital interests." 

Senator, I assure you that Iranians do take the threat of an Israeli attack very seriously. What they and the rest of the international community find abhorring, is the message of "ambivalence" our government is conveying by condoning such illegal acts. 


Daniel M Pourkesali

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